PPE Checklist for Industrial Safety

Starting a Personal Protective Equipment program for general industry? Follow the following checklist to ensure your program is OSHA compliant and your related trainings are efficient.

PPE Program and Training Checklist:

  1. Identify (in writing) steps taken to assess potential hazards in workplace.
  2. Identify appropriate PPE selection criteria.
  3. Identify how to train employees on use of PPE:
    1. What PPE is necessary.
    2. When PPE is necessary.
    3. How to Properly inspect PPE.
    4. Donning and adjusting PPE.
    5. Doffing PPE.
    6. Limitations of PPE.
    7. How to care for and store PPE.
  4. Identify how to assess employee understanding.
  5. Identify how to enforce use of PPE.
  6. Identify how to provide medical exams.
  7. Identify how and when to evaluate PPE program.
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