Safety on the Set!! Theatrical Guardrail

Theater Safety Set Guardrail

This safety guardrail was installed on the set of the production of The Conduct of Life at Texas A&M University. The railing was mounted on the stage to prevent the performers from falling over the edge. The railing performed both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Justin M., the Technical Director, was kind enough to send us these pictures and explain the project:

Our Fall production was The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes. Scenic Designer Prof. Autum C. wanted the upper balcony area to look like an abandoned warehouse. Since the platform was 7' tall, a safety rail was required. We chose to incorporate the railing by using schedule 40 pipe and Kee Klamps. The pipe was painted safety yellow and then assembled with the Kee Klamps. The assembly looked too bright and new so we wiped the whole thing down with watery black paint to dirty it up. Thanks for great products and great customer service.

Theater Safety Set Guardrail

It's good to see that set design and safety can be combined! Safety is often overlooked in the theatre industry, it's good to see that some technical directors are taking the necessary initiative to help everyone remain safe while performing. Kudos to Justin and Autumn!

We offer a number of solutions for the theater industry, including guardrail and lifeline systems. If you need help providing a safe working area in your theater please contact us and our sales engineers will help connect you with the appropriate solution.

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