Temporary Safety Staffing – A Primer – Part 2 of 2

Your company may not currently have a complete safety program, and your in-house safety personnel either dont have the time or the right expertise to develop and implement one.

Its not uncommon for a companys safety program to be less thorough than it should be. Or in many cases, business growth reveals previously unseen requirements and risks. A good third-party safety firm can fill any gaps with in-house resources to help upgrade your existing safety program or enhance it to respond to emerging needs (including proper hands-on implementation and employee training). Or if need be, they can provide a completely new program from scratch. A competent safety specialist will bring the experience of its team and its industry, and show you how your safety program can actually reduce your risks, cut your costs and improve your work environment.

You may need safety training for your employees.

Safety training is one of the critical elements of an OSHA-compliant program. Establishing and maintaining a regular training program can often be difficult, depending on the capabilities of your in-house resources. Whether your needs are for a regularly scheduled training program or one that has a specific and limited scope, a competent safety firm can help you ensure that your employees are properly trained while keeping the training interesting and helpful for your team.

You would like an Independent third party to review your safety program and its implementation in your workplace.

It never hurts to have someone look over your shoulder to make sure that youre doing everything in the best possible way the best athletes in the world regularly use coaches to help them stay on top of their game. An outsourced solution can do the same for your safety program. Safety professionals can review your plans, training and historic results with the goal of optimizing safety and profitability. OSHA has even stated that they prefer that safety programs are reviewed by independent third parties. Having your safety program evaluated by independent experts can help you sleep better by knowing you have an effective program in place.

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