HEP Impact Barriers - Modular Components

We have been carrying HEP Saf-T-Rail Impact Barriers for a while now, but we have recently released some new configurations to help make designing your impact barrier quicker and easier. We have designed 6 different railing configurations that allow you to build a guardrail configuration to suit the needs of your environment.

The basic principal of design works like this. You need a base kit, either a corner kit or a staright kit, and then you can extend the railing in both directions with an extension kit. The railing can either be single rail (18") or double rail (42").

For instance: if you wanted to build a 40ft. guardrail with one corner in it you could use (1) corner kit and (2) extension kits.

Our goal is to continue to simplify our product to reduce your specification and installation time. We're still more than happy to help you if you need configuration assistance. Don't hisitate to give us a ring if you need help.

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