Creating Safe Walking Paths in Warehouses

Workers stacking boxes in a warehouse

Warehouses can be a very dangerous place to work. With the potential for chemical exposure or falls from height, the opportunities for someone to get hurt at work abound.

So, what do you do to keep your people safe?

One of our customers was faced with this question as they considered how to protect their people from vehicular traffic. Let’s dig into what their situation was and how we helped them solve it.

The Original Safety Solution

Warehouse walking path with cones

Warehouse walking path with inadequate safety measures

The Primary Warehouse Safety Issue

Our customer had wide lanes between shelving units where both people and forklifts needed to travel. The issue was separating the traffic while giving access to the racks on both sides.

They created a pathway down the center of the lane for pedestrian traffic. However, they did so using cones.

This administrative control was helpful for workers to know where to walk, but not so easy to navigate for drivers. Not to mention that it provided no actual physical barrier between the vehicles and the workers.

This is when they connected with Simplified Safety to find a solution.

Warehouse walking path with safety railing

Painted walking path with a self-closing gate and handrail

The Warehouse Safety Solution

After discussing it with our customer, the decision was to use safety railing as the safety measure. It met their budget while providing a physical and visual barrier for separating workers from vehicle traffic.

Another concern was that a solution needed to be installed as soon as possible because they knew the cones were not enough. Kwik Kit is a readily available and easy to install solution.

The guardrail solution needed to allow for forklift traffic to move through specific sections for quicker access to the racks on both sides. The railing was designed with these breaks in mind. Self-closing safety gates were included so that employees would not be able to unknowingly walk into one of these danger zones.

Update the Safety in Your Warehouse

Our customer found that this was an easy, quick, and safe solution for their workers. Whatever situation you find yourself facing, you don’t have to tackle it on your own.

We have a team of experts ready to help analyze and advise on how to keep your team safe. Allow us to help you separate your workers from dangerous working conditions.

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