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Pre-Engineered Absorbinator Horizontal Lifeline (HLL)

This Product is OSHA Compliant

Product Description

Pre-engineered lifeline systems offer the assurance associated with an engineered lifeline system and the economy of being able to install your own system. The Guardian Absorbinator horizontal lifeline can be used with anchor points that are rated for 5,000lbs. The system is easy to configure and install. Begin by selecting the length of your lifeline. There are three standard lengths: 30', 60' and 100' lifeline systems.

These pre-engineered lifeline kits are designed to span the specified distance in a straight run. If you need a more complicated horizontal lifeline, please see our engineered lifelines systems.

Basic Features

  • Use with any 5,000 lbs. anchor point
  • Comes with (2) O-Rings for user connection
  • Kits available in 30', 60' and 100'. Custom lengths are available.
  • Easy to install (see the FAQ and Technical Documents for questions about installation)
  • Permanent or Temporary
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Lifeline made from Stainless and Galvanized Components

What is Included in the Absorbinator Lifeline Kit

The pre-engineered Absorbinator lifeline kit contains everything you need to connect a lifeline between two 5,000 lb. anchor points. The 30' and 60' kits come with one Absorbinator. The 100' kit includes two Absorbinators. All the required O-Ring Connetcors, wire rope, and wire rope connectors are included in the kit.

  Absorbinator Steel Shackle Thimble Turnbuckle Fist Grips Wire Rope
  Absorbinator Steel Shackle Thimble Turnbuckle Fist Grip 3/8" Wire Rope
30' Kit 1 2 2 1 6 34'
60' Kit 1 2 2 1 6 64'
100' Kit 2 3 2 1 6 104'

What Anchor Points can be use with the Absorbinator Lifeline Kit

Any 5,000 lb. anchor point can be used to anchor the Absorbinator pre-engineered lifeline system. The anchor points that are listed below are anchor points that are typically used with the pre-engineered lifeline system. Other anchor points are available for this system. Please contact us if you have a need for a different anchor point. Click on the anchor points for more information about the loading and installation of each anchor.

Cross Arm Strap

Cross Arm Straps (Temporary Use Only) Cross Arm Straps can be used to anchor the lifeline to heavy steel construction. The straps wrap around the steel work or other beams that can withstand 5,000 lbs of force.

Cross Arm Strap CB-1-B The CB-1-B can be bolted onto a column. The system is typically used during floor by floor concrete construction.
CB-1-B Anchor CB-1-W The CB-1-W is a weld-on anchor. It is designed to be attached to heavy steel-work. The system is typically used during floor-to-floor steel construction.
Cross Arm Strap CB-12 The CB-12 is a 12" post anchor that can be mounted to steel, concrete or wood decking. Larger sizes of this anchor are available.

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This product is safety critical. This product must only be used by a competently trained individual. Read the instructions for use completely before using this product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions to see the answers.

When is engineering required for HLL's?
Engineering requirements are typically set forth by Architects and Structural Engineers on a project by project basis. There are two main types of systems that fall protection companies provide: pre-engineered off-the-shelf kits and site specific systems. Site specific systems typically require a formal submittal process with the Owner, Architect and Structural Engineer. Pre-engineered kits, such as Guardian's Absorbinator system, have been designed and tested for a range of applications that pertain to most applications. Please contact a Simplified customer service representative for more information.
How does the Absorbinator attach to the anchor, and who is qualified to install it?
The Guardian Absorbinator kit comes with shackles, thimbles and cable clips which provide easy attachment to single point anchors and straight forward tensioning. Installation of the system can be performed by any Client per our manufacturer's instructions but they need to ensure that the system has been evaluated by an OSHA Competent person prior to use and that each employee using the system has been trained by a Competent Person.

Installation of the system can be performed by any Client per our manufacturer's instructions but they need to ensure that the system has been evaluated by an OSHA Competent Person prior to use and that each employee using the system has been trained by a Competent Person.
What types of anchor points can accommodate HLL's?
Any anchor point that is designed to resist a 5,000 pound ultimate load is potentially sufficient for horizontal lifeline attachment. Other points of consideration are relative positioning of anchors, system compatibility with other components and temporary vs. permanent application.
How many people can the system support?
The number of people allowed on a system depends on whether the system is used in fall restraint or arrest and what fall clearance is available. Fall Restraint is defined as a system that prevents a worker free fall from occurring by physically impeding them from reaching the hazard. Fall Arrest is defined as a system that allows a worker to free fall before being arrested. All systems should be used in fall restraint whenever possible as falls can cause injury even when arrest equipment is used properly.

The Guardian Absorbinator system is designed for us with four workers in fall restraint and two workers in fall arrest. However, an OSHA Competent person should evaluate the fall clearance and lanyard connection equipment to determine if the horizontal lifeline system is safe to use.

Click here to find our more about the difference between fall arrest & fall restraint.
Is the Absorbinator a permanent system?
The Guardian Absorbinator can be used for permanent or temporary applications, but product environment, frequency of use, and duration of service need to be considered. While the shock absorbing element of the system is stainless steel type 316; the attaching components and cable are made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel components can be used for permanent applications but they can corrode quickly when used frequently or in extreme environments. As a result, we can supply stainless steel components for the entire system when requested.
What happens to the Absorbinator in the case of a fall, how can it be inspected?
All components of the Guardian Absorbinator system should be removed from service and destroyed in the event a fall has occurred on the system.

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Product Instructions

Instructions for Absorbinator

Additional Information

SKU G1504X-Kit
Alt. Mfgr. Model Number No
Manufacturer Guardian Fall Protection
Brand No
Anchor Type Permanent, Temporary
Application Bolt-On Steel, Concrete, Screw-Down, Weld-On Steel, Wood
Size No
Number of People On System No

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