Airport Terminal Safety Railing

Newark Airport - Bus Terminal Railing

The railing pictured here is installed at the Continential terminal at Newark New Jersey's International Airport. The modular safety railing was installed around edge of the curb, keeping people away from the space where the bus pulls into the terminal. This application shows that safety railing is not simply for rooftops and elevated surfaces. Safety railing also helps to demarcate a safe walking area and keep pedestrians safe from moving vehicles.

Modular railing made with Kee Klamp fittins was a great solution for this project because it allowed the installation to take place without the necessity of dangerous welding equipment. Getting explosive equipment into secure areas like airports is increasingly difficult. Kee Klamp railing provides a better alternative, providing a railing that is structural, durable and weld free. Find our more about Kee Klamp railing: Industrial & OSHA Guardrail.

Newark Airport - Bus Terminal Railing

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