Are you Aware of the Dangers of Suspension Trauma?

The Daily Commercial News and Construction Record has written a great article that addresses fall arrest suspension trauma.

The article deals with several issues concerning suspension trauma.  It starts by describing the basic problem with fall arrest, and that is that stopping the fall is only the beginning.  In order to keep a worker safe, a rescue needs to be performed quickly (within 10-15 minutes) to prevent other longer term issues from developing.  Being suspended from most harnesses causes blood to be trapped in the legs, cutting off circulation and causing a variety of other issues that could result in death with the workers is finally rescued.

In addition to bringing the dangers to our attention, the article also talks about the need for medical personal to be properly trained so they dont exacerbate suspension trauma after the person is rescued (according the article placing a person with suspension trauma on a stretcher is not helpful to the injured worker)

Several products help to alleviate the risks of suspension trauma. 

1. Workers should consider carrying a leg suspension trauma strap.  It allows the person who has fallen to perform a self rescue and alleviate the dangers of suspension trauma.

2. Rescue plans and kits should be readily available, so that once a worker has fallen they can quickly be rescued.

Good preparation and proper rescue procedures can help keep everyone on the work site safe.

A Work about Fall Arrest vs. Fall Prevention

There are many dangers associated with fall arrest.

  • Danger of contacting object before contact the ground.
  • Danger of not wearing or connecting the equipment properly.
  • Danger of poorely maintained or inspected equipement.
  • Danger of leg suspension trauma if not resuced in a timely manner.

With all these dangers, a fall prevention system should be used whenever possible. Fall prevention stops a fall from occuring in the first place. We have a number of different fall prevention products which are designed to stop falls from occuring. Learn more about the difference between fall arrest and fall prevention.

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