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Green roofs continue to grow in popularity, but there is little information on how to keep workers safe while on the roof. Green roofs bring new challenges, fall hazards, and safety issues. The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority had concerns on what kind of fall protection would be best suited for their unique green roof on the Poplar Point Pumping Station as the roof couldn't be disturbed.

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Skylight protection was needed on green roof to protect their workers. The roof couldn't be disturbed and needed to be portable.



The compact, non-penetrating design of KeeGuard's Post Weight base allowed for maximum space-saving and permanent protection.



KeeGuard post weight railing was installed around 2 large pitched skylights.

The Challenge

Christian Muckerman from American Contracting and Environmental Services needed to help find skylight protection for his client, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority. Christian came through the Simplified Safety website and used live chat to request a quote for skylight protection to be used on his client's roof.

It was a challenge to determine what kind of fall protection would be best suited for their unique green roof as the roof couldn't be disturbed. Safety screens were not an option due to the skylight being removable. They previously considered railing but had concerns on how it would fit around a tight corner on one side of the skylight. If railing were to be used, it would need to be portable.​

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Solution: KeeGuard Post Weight Railing

Christian worked alongside Katie Campbell, Fall Protection specialist, to find a solution for the pitched skylights on his client's green roof. Katie customized the solution with KeeGuard Post Weight railing. The freestanding non-counter weighted bases are non-penetrating making it perfect to not disturb the roof.​

You’re definitely one of the best vendors I’ve worked with on a project. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help getting protection on their job. - Christian

The railing was originally designed to the length and width of the curb but was adjusted by adding two extra feet. This was to ensure safety and still have room to navigate around the corners. The combination of KeeGuard’s modular design and post-weight base promote adaptability for almost any rooftop obstacle and narrow space.​

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