Need a Fall Protection Anchor that Won't Penetrate the Roof?

Sometimes when working on older buildings or on buildings where the architects kindly left out the fall protection anchors, a non-penetrating anchor system is needed. Enter Kee Anchor. Kee Anchor is a non-penetrating dead weight fall protection anchor that uses weight and resistance to safety attach a worker to the roof. A standard lanyard or retractable is used to connect the worker's harness to the system. The system is designed to be used in both fall arrest and fall restraint scenarios. Installation is easy, and the system, when used properly, is a safe alternative to permanently installed roof anchor points. See our Kee Anchor information page for more details about the system.

Kee Anchor Installation Video

Video is show in 3x normal speed.

Kee Anchor Technical Data

See the presentation below for technical data on the use and installation of Kee Anchor.

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