How Do You Protect Your Mechanical Service Pits?

The Annoyance of Common Solutions

mechanic in inspection pit

Let’s talk about protecting your pits. Not those pits, you’ve got deodorant for that.

Service pits. Automotive, locomotive, municipalities, and other industries often have their own fleets of vehicles and machinery.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave a service pit or any hole in the floor unprotected.

Quick fixes for pit protection are wood, steel plates, and netting are often the first step to solving this problem. These quick fixes always result in frustration and annoyance for the workers doing the grunt work and those who use the pits every day.

1. Wood Covers

Most warehouses or industrial buildings have scrap wood laying around. People naturally want to reuse materials where they can, so wooden slats end up being a quick fix for covering the pit. If the wood is not kept dry, the wood will start to absorb moisture and will deteriorate quickly. Rotten wood is not something I would put my trust in to keep my workers safe. When wood is used over pits, it needs to be manually removed and replaced for every use. When there is any type of activity or handling, the wood begins to break down and splinter. Splinters are painful and simply annoying.

2. Steel Plate Covers

A steel plate could be a quick fix to cover your pit. Though, when inspection pits are frequently used, it is not the easiest solution. Requiring workers to move a steel plate before each use is awkward and cumbersome. The plates are even more cumbersome for an individual to move on their own, which is frustrating when there is no one else around to help. Your worker does not want to be a pest, so they decide to leave the pit uncovered for their next service appointment in the morning. Your workers opt out of using the steel plate altogether, indefinitely. This quick-fix ends up not being a fix at all.

3. Netting

Netting tends to be a quick fix that can be outsourced for a cheap price. They can be picked up at your local industrial parts store. Though it is easily sourced, the functionality is different from your other options: netting does not stop a fall; it just softens the fall. You might not hit the very bottom of the pit, but you can get caught up and break your arm on the way down. The netting starts to get tangled over time and after a dozen or so uses, holes start to tear around the seams. This quick fix lasts a few weeks, and you end up replacing it. The cheap quick fix has now doubled in cost.

These quick fixes all end up being frustrating and time-consuming to have to deal with. The time it takes to troubleshoot the issue results in nothing getting done. Your workers are frustrated that their work environment is dangerous and are nervous they will get hurt on the job. A simple and user-friendly pit cover will alleviate their nerves and worries about coming to work. PitProtect is the answer to keep your workers happy.

PitProtect - Maintenance Pit covers

inspection pit cover

PitProtect is an expandable, manual system that allows the pit to be partially or fully covered at any time. The inspection pit covers are fully adjustable to help retrofit existing pits or to fit your newly constructed pits.

They are lightweight and durable because they are made from high-grade aluminum. This will provide a long-term solution without the worry of needing to replace the system. The sliding mechanism of the covers makes it simple for any user to operate on their own. This gives confidence to your workers that they will be able to get their work done, without being a pest to others.

The cover is rated to hold a capacity of 330 lbs, so your workers can even walk across the cover, safely, while the pit is not in use.

Your workers' fears and your concerns about their safety at work are eased. They feel appreciated and heard once the often drawn-out problem is finally put to rest.

How Will PitProtect Keep Your Employees Safe

PitProtect protects mechanics from falling into inspection pits while still providing full access to the underside of the vehicle.

inspection pit cover

No company wants to have their employees frustrated and annoyed by their working conditions. Employers want to set their workers up for success. Re-imagine fall protection within the building to gain peace of mind, knowing that your workers will be happier and safer every day. Happy employees make a more satisfying and rewarding environment for you and your customers.

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