Railing Toeboard - What is it good for and do I need it in 2019?

Toeboard Railing requirements

Recently I came across some really nice pictures of a KeeGuard toeboard installation. These are some great shots that show how well toeboard integrates with our railing systems. I decided to do a little Q&A on toeboard with General Manager, Dan Wampler.

When is a railing required to have toeboard?

Toeboard is required on a railing whenever it would be potentially hazardous for an object to fall from the edge. Ask this basic question: "If my hammer were to fall at this edge, could it hit a person or any dangerous machinery?" If "yes", you need toeboard. If you have an edge that does not pose this risk, you should be OK with standard railing without toeboard.

What are the general requirements of toeboard?

According to OSHA 1910.29(k)(1), the new toeboard requirement needs to be at least 3.5" tall, with no more than a 1/4" gap at the bottom. It also must be able to withstand 50lbs being applied to it.

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How do you integrate toeboard into your railing?

There are several different ways to mount toeboard onto a railing system

  • Weld it. Welding is probably the most labor intensive and dangerous route. It also leaves a system that is prone to rust in the future. Toeboard is usually used in situations where there is quite a bit of water (think water treatment plants or rooftops) so the last thing you want to do is leave an entry point for rust.
  • Drill and attach with u-bolts. This option is a bit better than welding but can still leave rust potential where the drill penetrates into the unprotected metal.
  • Use extruded toeboard and special toeboard base flanges. This is the option that we recommend. Extruded aluminum toeboard is very strong, corrosion resistant and has a channel to receive the hardware. The hardware is attached through special holes on the base flange fitting. (example toeboard fitting). This option forms the most secure connection without penetrating the metal to leave an opportunity for rust.

If you have other questions about toeboard we're always eager to help. Contact us and we'll get your connected to the right solution.

KeeGuard Rooftop Fall Protection toeboard

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