Meeting Your Requirements For Roof Railing

Non-Penetrating Roof Railing

When selecting a rooftop railing, you will be burdened with several non-negotiable requirements. Fortunately, KeeGuard non-penetrating roof railing offers many features that cover all concerns. We will be discussing six of them below.

  1. Railing Cannot Penetrate the Roof
  2. Must be OSHA Compliant
  3. Navigate Around Rooftop Obstacles
  4. Railing Has to Look Good
  5. Railing Requires Quick Installation
  6. Must Be Long Lasting

1. Railing Cannot Penetrate The Roof

A roof’s purpose is to keep the weather out of your building. Punching any hole in your roof requires a roofer to patch up behind you with no guarantee on preventing future leaks.

The solution is KeeGuard roof railing. KeeGuard roof railing does not penetrate the roof surface, it uses a weighted counter-balanced system as a permanent solution. This leaves the railing sitting on top of the roof surface, creating zero penetrations.

Not sure if non-penetrating guardrail will work for you?


Find out more about KeeGuard. Our team of safety experts is ready to help!

2. Must Be OSHA Compliant

For a roof safety railing to be effective in preventing a fall, it must meet system requirements laid out in OSHA 1910.29.

Guardrail Height Requirements

1910.29(b)(1) The height of top rails must be 42 inches, plus or minus 3 inches above the walking working surface.

Guardrail Opening Limitations

1910.29(b)(2) OSHA requires a 21” midrail such that a 19” or larger spherical object cannot pass through the guardrail.

Guardrail Load Requirements

1910.29(b)(3) OSHA requires that guardrail systems must be able to withstand a force of at least 200 lbs of point load without failure.

OSHA Compliant Roof Railing

KeeGuard roof railing exceeds this requirement and has the testing documents to prove it. Each roof railing system is designed by a sales engineer to ensure the highest level of safety. Always ask for the test documentation.

Navigate Around Rooftop Obstacles

Most roofs were not designed with guardrail in mind. There are often obstacles on the rooftop that make the installation of railing difficult such as roof parapets, roof hatches, or mechanical equipment.

Navigate Roof Obstacles

KeeGuard uses modular fittings and standard pipe that make it easy to navigate obstacles that are located on the rooftop.

Railing Has To Look Good

Safety and aesthetics do not have to be mutually exclusive. KeeGuard has plenty of features to maintain building aesthetics, which make it a great looking solution.

Roof Railing

    1. Galvanized Fittings and Pipe
      • This means that the railing is less visible and blends in better with its surroundings. The standard galvanized finish won’t tarnish easily or leave rust stains.
    2. Powder Coat Ready
      • The railing can also be powder coated so that it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the building.
    3. Angled Railing
      • The roof railing can be angled away from the roof edge to make it less visible from the ground. The railing remains compliant but has a smaller "visual footprint" when viewed from the ground.
    4. Continuous Throughout
      • KeeGuard has a continuous railing. There are no breaks in the railing, making it look more pleasing and well integrated into the building environment.

Railing Requires Quick Installation

A roof railing that can be installed efficiently is another must! KeeGuard's modular design makes its assembly rapid without the use of welding or drilling. An Allen key, torque wrench, pipe vise and pipe cutter are all that is needed to install this roof railing.

Easy and Safe to Install Roof Railing

Unique non-penetrating roof anchor points are also available to make sure that your workers are safe while doing the installation. Simplified Safety also offers several levels of fall protection installation services. We can come on-site and help your crew install the system, or provide complete turn-key installation.

Railing Must Be Long Lasting and Durable

The KeeGuard guardrail system is completely galvanized. Because it is not a welded system, it is far more corrosion-resistant than most railings on the market.

Galvanized Roof Railing

KeeGuard systems are built for long-lasting durability. Annual maintenance will ensure that your railing lasts for many years. Its modular design also allows any damaged parts to be easily replaced.

Whatever the issues are surrounding roof railing, KeeGuard has the solution. The KeeGuard railing system is the industry-leading roof railing solution because it performs well in all circumstances.

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