Removable Safety Railing at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been the subject of much attention leading up to Nick Wallenda's tight rope walk across the falls. Some of the conversation surrounding the tight rope walk has been about safety. For this event, the tight rope walker was actually tied off to the wire to prevent him from falling to his death.

Crows Nest safety railing @ Niagara Falls

When it comes to Niagara Falls, the park service is very serious about the safety of its patrons. One of the areas that is open to the public on the American side of the falls is an area called the Crow's Nest. This area, accessible from the bottom of the falls ascends along the side of the falls. This area is wet and slippery and safety railing ensures that the public will be safe while accessing this natural wonder.

Crows Nest safety railing @ Niagara Falls

One of the issues with this area is that safety railing must be removed in the winter because the entire area becomes covered in ice. Safety railing made with Kee Klamp pipe fittings is the park services choice to keep people safe and make the railing easy to setup and maintain.

Crows Nest safety railing @ Niagara Falls

Watch this short video where a park service representative talks about the safety railing at Niagara falls.

Safety railing constructed with Kee Klamp fittings is easy to maintain and more durable than standard welded railing. Find our more about our safety railing solutions by exploring this category: Safety Railing Solutions

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