Safety Railing for Sloped Rooftop

Sloped Roof Fall Protection

Unprotected sloped rooftops can allow fall-related worker fatalities to occur on your clock. As a safety personnel or building maintenance manager, it is your number one priority to protect your employees from bodily harm to the best of your abilities. In fact, the law states that you are required to implement an OSHA-certified safety management program for your employees working at heights. However, many companies refuse to abide by OSHA's guidelines, and the organization lists construction fall protection as the second most frequently cited violation in 2011. Because falls contributed to 34 percent of the total deaths of construction workers in 2010, the absence of a sloped roof railing is something that your company cannot afford to do business without.

Introducing the OSHA Exceeding, KeeGuard Safety Rails for Sloped Roofs

Railing for Sloped Roof

Unlike other sloped roof guardrails, KeeGuard safety rails for sloped roofs offer an advanced technological design that does not penetrate the roof's membrane. This patented system features pre-fabricated modular panels that eliminate the need for drilling, welding or threading into the roof. The system also includes special pads along the bottom of the kickboard fittings that provide an additional layer of protection against roof damage. Best of all, our KeeGuard system exceeds OSHA standards for roof fall prevention.

Simple Installation

Sloped Roof guardrail easy installation

The KeeGuard system can be installed by two workers without any specialized training. In fact, the workers can install 600 linear feet of the system in one, 8-hour day. The workers simply attach the ready-made pipe railings together with an allen wrench and torque wrench to secure them into place along the edges of the roof. The workers then connect the pipe railings to the rubber-padded bases with the same tools to anchor the system in place for either temporary or permanent use.

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Multi-Level Sloped Roof Protection

Multi-Level Sloped Roof Railing

Our KeeGuard sloped roof guardrail system provides multi-level sloped roof protection. The system easily locks into place over the skylights and the lower level while simultaneously providing the upper deck of the roof with worker fall protection.

Protects the Roof's Point of Entry

Sloped Roof Entry Protection

Most worker falls happen at a sloped roof's point of entry. The guardrail is a visual guide to prepare your workers for safer access on and off the roof. Adding self-closing safety gates will ensure your workers are better protected from falls while working near the roof's entry and exit locations.

All-Encompassing or Pre-Designated Area Sloped Roof Protection

Fall Protection for Sloped Roof

Whether you need all-encompassing or pre-designated sloped roof railings, our roof safety railing system can adapt to fulfill your immediate needs. All of the system's components can be hoisted onto your roof with a crane for installation. Contact us to learn how KeeGuard safety railing can protect your workers from potentially fatal falls.

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