Theatrical Stage Railing - Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle Stage Railing

Safety is important for every industry, and theatrical work is no exception. This railing installed at Heidelberg Castle on a stage where actors perform. The safety railing is painted black to help it blend in and be unobtrusive. Despite it's color it still fulfills its primary function of helping prevent falls from the back of the stage.

Heidelberg Castle Stage Railing

This particular railing is made from Kee Klamp railing fittings. This makes the railing modular, so sections can be added and removed as needed. Kee Klamp railing fittings connect with the use of a set screw and have other applications in the theater industry besides safety railing.

Heidelberg Castle Stage Railing

See our safety railing section for more information about railing systems that will help protect workers in every industry.

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