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Product Description

The Temper Reusable Anchor has been designed with offset holes in it to protect against the splitting of the trusses or rafters below the anchor. The swivel top version helps keep lifelines from getting wrapped around or tangled on the anchor. The Guardian Temper Reusable Anchor meets all OSHA & ANSI requirements for this type of anchor.


  • Come with Regular or Swivel top
  • All fasteners provided
  • Screws or duplex nails can be used to install
  • Fits on roofs with up to a 12/12 pitch
  • More versatile for the worker
  • Can be use in a flat position with screws
  • Can be use in mid field, between two trusses, when all holes are filled
  • Sunken holes for stronger attachment to the Truss when using screws
  • Thicker plated metal for longer lasting life of the product
  • Meets all fall arrest standards
  • Approved for use in metal deck 20g or better. Consult Customer Service for fastener specifications for metal decking usage.
This Product is OSHA Compliant

This product is safety critical. This product must only be used by a competently trained individual. Read the instructions for use completely before using this product.


OSHA 1926.502
ANSI Z359.1

Additional Information

SKU G00450_group
Manufacturer Guardian Fall Protection
Material Steel
Pitch Up to 12/12
Anchor Type Reusable, Temporary
Application Wood
Quantity 1
Disposable No
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