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The Ideal Railing for Standing Seam Roofs

The Best Fall Protection for a Standing Seam Railing

KeeGuard for Standing Seam Metal Roofs provides safe, OSHA compliant fall protection, and is pre-engineered to connect directly to the roof.

Separate people from rooftop hazards with a tested solution that complies with OSHA and other international fall protection regulations. No upfront engineering. No difficult attachment methods.

Penetrating the roof can cause problems for years to come. Non-penetrating roof clamps are used to connect the railing base to your standing seam profile.

Start by giving us a few pieces of information about your roof and fall protection requirements. We will followup so that we can provide you with the safest, most cost-effective fall protection solution for your standing seam metal roof.

Example Standing Seam Railing Installations

Why Use the KeeGuard Railing System on Your Metal Roof?

  • Railing is the Safest Form of Fall Protection - Why settle for using lifelines, anchor points, and lanyards that require expensive ongoing maintenance and training. Go up a level on the safety hierarchy and eliminate the fall hazard altogether.
  • Fully Compliant to OSHA and Industry Standards – Protect your workers with a system that has been tested to OSHA standards. 
  • Come into Compliance Quickly and Easily – Modular components allow the system to be installed quickly by contractors or maintenance professionals.  Specialized labor is not required.
  • Configured Specifically for Your Roof – Each railing is designed to fit your fall protection needs.  The modular components can easily accommodate ladder access and other roof top obstacles.
  • Globally Accepted - KeeGuard has been designed to meet global fall protection standards. Railing systems have been installed in virtually every major market across the globe.

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Non-penetrating, Easy to Install Railing

Close Up of Standing Seam Railing Base

Historically, there have not been many solutions for putting fall protection railing onto a standing seam roof. Recently, engineering work has produced roof clamps designed to work with a wide variety of standing seam roofs. Whatever your standing seam configuration, we can attach a railing to your metal roof without penetrating the roof surface.

Case Studies

Hong Kong Install

Product: Standing Seam Railing & Kee Walk

Roof Type: Kal-Zip Standing Seam

The unique modular concept of Kee Walk and KeeGuard SSMR simplifies site adjustments and speeds up installation. These factors made this the system of choice for the primary roofing contractor on this project. Over 1000 feet of KeeGuard SSMR and 500 feet of KeeWalk was installed in seven days.

The system was installed in and around a variety of rooftop structures. The system was designed to keep people from accessing the rooftop units on a particular path. This kept the maintenance personnel safe and prevented damage to the rooftop equipment.