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Fall Protection for Corrugated Metal Roofs

Rooftop Railing for Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated metal roofs pose a particular problem when it comes to fall protection. Walking on an uneven metal surface can pose a significant slip and trip hazard. Having the proper fall protection system in place is critical to ensure the safety of people accessing the roof.

Railing solutions for corrugated metal roofs are difficult to engineer. Because of the standard metal roof profile, weighted railing systems will not work. KeeGuard Topfix is a pre-engineered guardrail system that is designed to mount directly to the folds in a metal roof. The Topfix system is designed to distribute the forces on the railing over a wide area, ensuring the safety of workers, while requiring the minimum number of penetrations.

KeeGuard Topfix is designed to exceed OSHA standards.

Start by giving us a few pieces of information about your roof and fall protection requirements. We will follow-up so that we can provide you with the safest, most cost-effective fall protection solution for your corrugated metal roof.

Example Corrugated Roof Railing Installations

Why Use KeeGuard Topfix on Your Corrugated Metal Roof

  • Railing is the Safest Form of Fall Protection - Why settle for using lifelines, anchor points, and lanyards that require expensive ongoing maintenance and training. Go up a level on the safety hierarchy and eliminate the fall hazard altogether.
  • Fully Compliant to OSHA and Industry Standards – Protect your workers with a system that has been tested to OSHA standards. 
  • Come into Compliance Quickly and Easily – Modular components allow the system to be installed quickly by contractors or maintenance professionals.  Specialized labor is not required.
  • Configured Specifically for Your Roof – Each railing is designed to fit your fall protection needs.  The modular components can easily accommodate ladder access and other roof top obstacles.
  • Globally Accepted - KeeGuard has been designed to meet global fall protection standards. Railing systems have been installed in virtually every major market across the globe.

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Corrugated Metal Base Plate

Topfix Base Plate

The TopFix base plate was designed to distribute the forces placed on the railing over a wide portion of the roof surface. Corrugated metal roofs were not designed to take large, point-source loads. The base plate spreads out these forces and ensures that the railing will protect someone who trips into or leans on the railing.

Case Studies

Topfix Multi-Roof Type

Product: KeeGuard Topfix and KeeGuard Standard

Roof Type: Flat Roof & Corrugated Roof

This project involved protecting a roof that was made up of two different materials. One section of the roof was a standard flat roof, while the other section was a corrugated metal roof with a slight slope. The versatility of KeeGuard came through on this project. The flat roof section used the standard counter-balanced KeeGuard railing. The corrugated metal section used KeeGuard Topfix. The modular nature of the KeeGuard railing system allowed the two sections to be seamlessly connected together.

Topfix Installed at Extreme Angle

Product: KeeGuard Topfix, Kee Walk, Self-Closing Safety Gate & Anchor Point

Roof Type:Corrugated Roof

A combination of fall protection products were used to solve a problem that is not all that uncommon. The Kee Walk and KeeGuard Topfix system creates safe access to a tie off point that is located further up on the roof. The self-closing safety gate hinges inward, making it easy to access the walkway from the roof edge, and providing a secure barrier if someone were to fall or back into the gate. KeeWalk provides a level working surface around the unit once the person is tied off.