KeeGuard® Railing Components

Not All Roof Railing Systems are Created Equal

Galvanized Pipe and Fittings That Last Decades

Most railing pipe fail at the weld points, where the material is thin and corrosion resistance is minimal. KeeGuard railing uses Gator tubing, which is rolled and seam welded pipe. The pipe is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out plus has an anti-corrosive coating on the outside of the pipe, this gives you greater longevity on your roof. Gator Tube uses a triple layer Flo-Coat protective barrier that is tested to last over three times longer than standard galvanized pipe in ASTM-B-117 standard salt spray tests.

The fittings are made of cast iron and are also hot-dipped galvanized on the inside and out. There are several hundred fittings available to allow KeeGuard to navigate your rooftop obstacles.

No matter where the ballasted guardrail system is installed it's galvanized components will ensure your guardrail lasts and secures your rooftop for decades.

Pre-assembled Uprights Made Simple

KeeGuard's uprights come pre-assembled with the saddles set at 42 in. and at 21 in. to match OSHA code requirements for the top and midrail. However, the saddles still have the flexibility to be adjusted for infill panels, if needed.

The boot on the upright connects the post and counterbalance together. The boot has a rubber base to protect your roof from metal edges as well as to allow water to flow underneath it. A metal plate is also included on the boot to allow for toeboard to be installed as required.

Non-Penetrating Bases Save Your Roof

KeeGuard's non-penetrating railing has two base options made from recycled PVC, a counterbalance base and post weight base. Thanks to modular railing design, both base types can be used together when necessary. The free standing railing system has a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design of it.

Counterbalance weights help spread the weight across more of the roof surface and allow for longer spans between posts. The weight itself is only 30 lb. The bottom of the weight has dimples and grooves to allow water to flow underneath it.

Post weight bases are ideal for railing systems that are close to the roof edge and space between the base and obstacles like RTUs is limited.

No matter how complex your rooftop is, KeeGuard can be configured to meet your needs.

Additional Products for Comprehensive Roof Protection

If your workers access the roof via a fixed ladder, attaching a self-closing safety gate to KeeGuard freestanding guardrail will create a safe walking path away from the ladder.

KeeGuard pairs well with Kee Hatch, a simple hatch railing system that gives your workers 360 degree protection when entering or exiting a roof hatch.

KeeGuard edge protection guardrail seamlessly integrates with many fall protection systems providing your workers with the fall protection they need to do their jobs efficiently and safely.

Three Main Components of KeeGuard Railing

Pipe and Fittings

Discover the benefits and features of KeeGuard railing and fittings. We'll walk you through what to expect from our fittings, the durability of our components, and how everything comes together to create a dependable and compliant fall safety railing system.

Pre-assembled Uprights

Learn how the KeeGuard uprights come pre-assembled for an easy installation process, how they function with other components to keep you safe, and why the uprights are a critical piece of the KeeGuard fall safety system.

Counterbalance Bases

See how the counterbalances and base weights form a cantilever design engineered to make KeeGuard a permanent non-penetrating railing solution. We'll take a look at how the counterbalances are made to last for decades with their galvanized steel and PVC rubber bases.

Other Fall Protection Products

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