KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail is an easy-to-install and long-lasting solution for your rooftop fall protection. Take a look at the components below to better understand how this versatile system will help you meet code requirements and provide a safe workplace for years to come.

KeeGuard Base Options

KeeGuard Counter Balance Guardrail

Counter Balance

The counter weights that we use are only 30 pounds, reducing the load that your roof needs to support. Because we use a counterbalance design, these weights only have to be 3 inches tall. This allows you to place the weights underneath roof structures like conduit, dunnage, or rooftop decks.

KeeGuard for Narrow Spaces

Post Weight

KeeGuard also has a post weight design that allows you to navigate areas where space is a premium. You can use this system in areas where HVACs are closer to the fall hazard or if you want to reduce the potential tripping hazard for a walkway.

Standing Seam Roof Guardrail

Standing Seam

S5U clamps are used for standing seam metal roofs for safe non-penetrating attachment to the seam. Check the profile of your seam and let us know so that we can provide the appropriate clamp.

Guardrail for Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated (Ribbed)

KeeGuard can attach to corrugated or ribbed metal roofs with our universal base plate. Mounting holes are predrilled to make lining up the base plates easy. Hardward packs are included to make installation easier.

Tube and Fittings

Steel Pipe Guardrail

Gator Tube

KeeGuard railing uses Gator tubing, which is rolled and seam welded pipe. Gator Tube uses a triple layer Flo-Coat protective barrier that is tested to last over three times longer than standard galvanized pipe in ASTM-B-117 standard salt spray tests.

Friction Fittings for Guardrail


Kee Klamp fittings are made of cast iron and are also hot-dipped galvanized on the inside and out. The threadless connections allow you to create structural connections without the need for welding. This means that no specialized labor is required.

Modular Rooftop Guardrail


There are several hundred Kee Klamp fittings available to allow KeeGuard to navigate your rooftop obstacles. You don't have to worry when ductwork, ladder access points, or the various angles your roof might turn. We can even connect to existing guardrail or structures.

KeeGuard Railing Attached to Ladder

Easy to Replace

The joy of a modular and weldless system is how easy it is to repair. Grabbing a few fittings and a length of pipe to replace any damaged areas, whether from crane accidents or flying debris, is much easier than waiting on busy welders.

Pre-Assembled Uprights

Rooftop Guardrail Post


We make it easy for you to comply with OSHA regulations by assembling the posts for you. We set the saddle fittings at the required 42" and 21" mark so you can have a consistent installation.

Horizontal Rail Fitting

Saddle Fittings

Our saddle fittings make it easy for you to install your handrail. Dropping in your horizontal pipe will save you the hassle of trying to loop through each of the posts. The only thing that's left is to tighten down your set screws.

Counter Balance Boot

Counter Balance Boot

If you are using the counter balance guardrail, then the uprights come with a boot installed. This boot will have a rubber footing to prevent the metal of the boot from interacting with your roof.

Adjustable Non-Penetrating KeeGuard


No matter what base you are using, the post can rotate inside it to line your guardrail. Just make sure that you do no exceed 15 degrees in either direction if you are using the counter balances.

KeeGuard Add-Ons

Powder Coating

Powder coating can add an extra layer of protection onto your galvanized pipe for areas that require a little extra resistance. It's also a good way to match your preferred aesthetic.

Infill Panels

When local building code requires infill panels, we have you covered. We can provide a 4-inch by 4-inch grid, a picket infill panel, or you can use chainlink fencing. If you would like a more custom design, then let our safety experts know.


Guardrails help protect people below when you install toeboard. This is required by OSHA anytime tools, debris, or otherwise can fall onto a person or dangerous equipment below.

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