Fall Protection Solution for Rooftop Access Points

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A leading food distributor needed help securing their rooftop access points.

A food distributor with multiple US locations reached out to Simplified Safety to help choose the right fall protection options for their facilities' rooftop access points.

They were looking to ensure their employees were safe while accessing the rooftop.


Multiple US locations

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The Challenge

Fall protection was critical due to an accident at one of their facilities. The manager reached out to Simplified Safety needing help understanding OSHA regulations for access points as well as determining how to get all their facilities, across the US, up to compliance. Each facility's rooftop was unique and needed a customized fall protection plan to ensure compliance.

KeeHatch before and after

Choosing the Right Fall Protection System

A variety of fall protection systems were installed on the different facility rooftops. KeeHatch was installed on all standard hatches. Kee Dome railing was used for unique style hatches, e.g., the door of a hatch overhung the curb too far.

Some rooftops required only KeeHatch while others required additional fall protection solutions because their access points were near the edge. In order to be compliant, it wasn’t an option to use only hatch railing or just install 15 feet of KeeGuard.

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