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Non penetrating rooftop railing fall protection

Yancey Fancy, an artisan cheese producer in Corfu New York, recently expanded by building a new 114,000-square-foot plant. Yancey Fancy reached out to Simplified Safety to help choose the right rooftop safety system to ensure their employees were safe while accessing the rooftop.


Corfu, New York

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The Challenge

Yancey Fancy has approximately 20 units close to the edge of the roof, which required regular maintenance, making rooftop fall protection a necessity. They wanted to ensure their mechanics and outside contractors were safe while working on the rooftop, without having to tie-off or carry PPE equipment up to the roof.

The weather was also a concern since they’re located in upstate New York, close to Buffalo, high-winds and heavy snowfall are common. Yancey Fancy needed a safety solution that not only kept their workers safe while working on the roof but one that could withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

In this case, a non-penetrating guardrail like KeeGuard was ideal because it provided a permanent fall protection solution and could be installed in a short amount of time.

Non penetrating rooftop railing in upstate New York

Choosing the Right Fall Protection System

When searching online the typical temporary lighter weight, thinner constructed options came up in the results. However, quality and longevity were the top priority. They wanted a heavyweight, sturdy construction that would withstand the heavy winds and snow which was typical in the area.

KeeGuard provided high quality, heavyweight, and permanent solution that Yancey Fancy required. The fully galvanized construction made it corrosion resistant even in the harshest conditions. The modular design provided the flexibility to self-install without specialized labor or tools, making KeeGuard the optimal solution.

KeeGuard rooftop safety upstate new york

Post Installation

After the installation was finalized a Fall Protection Specialist from the Simplified Safety team traveled to the site to certify the installation. Giving Yanceys Fancy the confidence and peace of mind knowing that the installation was done correctly and to the manufacturer's specifications.

Looking Back: A Year Later

The KeeGuard railing system has been in place for over a year, through a winter and a summer. Its fully galvanized structure has experienced little to no rust, and its sturdy construction provides a safe and permanent fall protection solution.

Gus Pernesky from Yancey's Fancy was on-site during the certification and had this to say about the project.

We wanted something permanent, we didn’t want to follow rules just on paper, we wanted to make sure that everything was as safe as could be. We're confident that everyone that's up there is safe.

Are you looking to install non-penetrating guardrail on your rooftop, please contact our team of Fall Protection Specialists. They are here to help you ensure your rooftop is compliant, secure, and safe for your workers and your company.

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