The Top Consideration When Purchasing A Full Body Harness

Man wearing full body harness on roof

With so many options available on a full body harness, it’s no wonder we primarily shop on price.

Price is important, and so are aspects such as size, buckle types, dorsal ring placement, and even color options! However, there is one major consideration that is not addressed that could be the difference between going home or going to the hospital.

Are you going to fall?

Meaning, are you actually going to need the harness to catch you in the case of a fall? It’s true, any OSHA compliant harness will catch you. That should never be in question.

What it boils down to is whether you will be working primarily in restraint or arrest.

Falling off a building is going to hurt. Your $50 harness is designed to catch you, and it will. However, it is important to understand that fall arrest systems are designed to prevent you from plummeting to your death, not necessarily protecting you from injury.

OSHA requires that you experience no more than 1,800 lbs of force on your body in the event of a fall. That is not a small number! That force is being focalized in the areas your harness touches your body (upper legs, groin, chest, etc.).

You get what you pay for.

There is a direct relationship between price and safety. The premium harnesses can include options like padding in essential areas, multiple points of adjustments, and additional stretch built in the webbing. This spreads out the impact on the body and reduces the possibility of injury from the harness.

Don’t cheap out on safety. The lower the risk, the more reasonable it is to spend less on a harness. If you rarely work at heights and never go near a fall hazard, maybe Guardian's Velocity economy harness is right for you. Realistically, the function of this harness is to keep you away from the fall.

When your life's on the line, bring dollar value into perspective. If your work regularly puts you at risk for a fall, you want to ensure that your harness is doing everything necessary to keep you safe. This makes spending a few hundred dollars on it worth every penny.

Choosing a full-body safety harness can be overwhelming. There seems to be a harness for every occasion. We are here to help narrow down your search, focus your options, and select the most appropriate one for your needs.

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