How Can Contractors Working at Height be Kept Safer?

Construction Fall Protection

Excuses, excuses, excuses, that's what we hear from residential and commercial contractors that fail to comply with fall protection policies and standards. In 2011, 251 out of 721 worker fatalities were the result of falls. It's time to stop making excuses and start making the changes.

Great solutions for protecting workers?

Regulations for residential and commercial contractors are getting tightened each year; companies must take action to protect their workers. By staying up to date and knowledgeable about fall protection policy and the latest equipment, they can prevent workplace fatalities and costly lawsuits.

Anytime a worker has to compromise safety to work it is a problem. Also performing work at heights always has risk …yet the work needs to get done. The real question is how do you get this work completed without putting your employees in danger of a fall. - Mike Mumau, President, Kee Safety – North America

Here Are A Few Ideas to Promote Contractor Safety

  1. Rally Education – Safety seminars and classes can dramatically increase the outcome of what happens on a jobsite. By promoting safety education, workers will rally behind you, especially since your primary concerns are for their safety.
  2. Improve Efficiency with New Equipment – If workers know they can complete a job on time and budget without compromising their safety they will pay more attention to the rules and regulations. For example, Easi-Dec, an easy to assemble work platform with guardrail, adds efficiency while keeping workers safe.
  3. Provide Accountability – As an employer it's your duty to make sure your workers are safe. Just telling people to be safe is one thing, but making it your priority to ensure that your employees are safe is another. If safety is important to you, it's more likely that it will be important to those in your charge.
  4. Fool Proof Fall Protection Equipment - Most contractors are constrained by budgets and the project timeline. Every second counts on the jobsite and equipment makes a huge difference. With traditional ladders and scaffolding, lots of time and effort is put into setting up and not into getting the job completed. The result is that corners get cut, resulting in non-compliance and increased work-site hazards. New products like Easi-Dec solve this issue by adding safety railing; making the ladder and scaffolding system safer and more efficient.

Implementing some of these measures will help ensure greater safety for contractors on site. Make it your duty to help protect the people that your work with. Safety is everyone's business!


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