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Easi-Dec Applications

Easi-Dec Safe Work Platform

A Portable, Easy to Assemble Work Platform

  • Easi-dec Aerial Work Platform

    Work Safely and Efficiently on a Work Platform

    Leans against and secures to an existing structure.

  • Work Platform for Bridge Work

    Suitable for Various Applications

    The perfect work platform for installation, inspection and renovation work.

  • Window Work Platform

    Safely Access Windows from the Outside

    A great work platform for window replacement, installation, painting, etc.

  • Roof Access Work Platform

    Easy Access to the Roof

    Guard railing on provides safe access when climbing on and off the roof.

  • Portable Work Platform

    Portable Work Platform

    Platform can be easily attached to roof rack or placed in a van or truck bed.

Easi-Dec is a unique alternative to scaffolding, ladder jacks, and other aerial work platforms. Easi-Dec's unique design and heavy duty aluminum construction creates a work platform system that is easy to assemble, move, and transport.

Save Thousands in Rental Costs

If part of your business cost involves renting scaffolding, Easi-Dec work platforms may be a simple, cost effective alternative. The Easi-Dec system can be easily transported to site, saving you precious time on the job.

Work Safer, More Efficient

Easi-Dec work platform systems are designed to be OSHA compliant. Unlike ladder-jacks and pump-jack scaffolding, which offer less than safe work environments, the Easi-Dec system allows you to work efficiently and safely.

Lightweight, Long Lasting Durability

Easi-Dec work platforms are made from aluminum, making them lightweight and corrosion resistant. Work platforms can be easily transported and used in most working conditions. Your Easi-Dec system will last for years and years, supported by a complete range of accessories and replacement parts.

Easi-Dec Applications - Safe Work Platforms for Contractors

Here are several industries that will find Easi-Dec an asset to working safety and efficiently on elevated surfaces.

  • Work Platform for Solar Installers

    Work Platform for Solar Installers

    Easi-Dec has several Solar specific work platforms. These include work platforms that allow workers to access the roof safely. These special work platforms have hoists which can be used to lift solar panels onto the roof without carrying them on a ladder

  • Window Installation Elevated Work Platform

    Window Installation Elevated Work Platform

    Today's EPA lead abatement regulations on older homes means that replacement windows need to be installed from the outside. Easi-Dec is the perfect system for hoisting windows and working safely from the outside during installation.

  • Elevated Inspection Platform

    Elevated Inspection Platform

    Inspection work must sometimes take place from an elevated platform. Easi-Dec can easily be transported and setup to inspect bridges, walls, roof edges and many more elevated surfaces that require occasional inspection.

See Easi-Dec Work Platform In Use

This video will give you an overview of how easy it is to use and transport the Easi-Dec work platforms.