How High Does a Roof Parapet Need to Be?

How High Does a Roof Parapet Railing Need to Be?

In order for a roof parapet to provide adequate fall protection, a roof parapet railing should be at least 42" in height. Unfortunately, many buildings get close to this height without quite meeting the height required by OSHA to provide fall protection. There are several solutions to help you raise the height of your parapet that are cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are several solutions if you find yourself in a situation where your parapet does not meet the fall protection height requirement.

1. Raise the Parapet Height with a Railing

Raise Height of Parapet with Railing

This is the simplest solution. If you can penetrate your roof parapet, there are several roof parapet railing solutions.

2. Install a Non-Penetrating Full-Height Railing

Non-Penetrating Fall Protection Railing

If penetrating the outside of the wall is not an option, a freestanding, non-penetrating roof railing can be used to keep people back to from the roof edge.

3. Use Temporary Parapet Railing Clamps to Build a Railing

Temporary Parapet Railing

If you only require temporary access to a roof with a lower parapet, then parapet clamps are a cost-effective option. They are designed to clamp onto the roof parapet. The railing is then formed by inserting 2x4s between the clamps to form a safe, temporary barrier.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, reach out to our safety experts. They can recommend products and solutions to help you understand the benefits of the different parapet railing solutions that are available.

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