Parapet Railing System

Parapet Railing for Rooftop Fall Protection

Parapet mounted guardrail is cost-effective, OSHA compliant solution to mitigate rooftop hazards.
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Safe and Compliant

Parapet mounted guardrail is designed to exceed OSHA requirements. Specially designed for your unique rooftop and safety needs.


Incredibly Durable

Parapet railing is galvanized inside and out — corrosion resistant even in harsh environments. No weld points make it less susceptible to rust.


Protects Your Roof

For most structures, connecting railing to a parapet prevents the need for costly openings into the roof membrane.

Best Practices

Simple Installation

Requires only the basic tools and labor. Each pipe-to-fitting connection is fastened with a simple set-screw. No special training is required.

Advantages of Parapet Railing

Parapet Guardrail System

Extremely Durable using Anti-Corrosion Properties

Galvanized steel has excellent anti-corrosion properties and, with adequate care, will ensure that the parapet railing system lasts years or even decades to come.

  • Galvanized tube and fittings
  • Railing tube is galvanized inside and out. The tube is up to 4-times more corrosion resistant than other types of galvanizing and designed to outlast welded railing.

A Versatile, Modular Railing Solution

With modular components, you can design your guardrail to fit your unique roof.

  • Modular design and hundreds of fittings allows you to moves around obstacles with ease.
  • Can integrate into other types and styles of railing.
  • Powder-coated to any RAL color.
  • Angled fittings are available to project the railing away from the edge. An inline or offset railing design can reduce or eliminate visibility from below.
  • Multiple base fittings allow you to mount to have a wall or side mount or top mount.
Parapet Mounted Railing in White
Roof Parapet Railing System

Easy to Install

Our parapet guardrail system is straight-forward to install. It does not require any welding on site and the fittings attach to the tube through a series of setscrews (incorporated within the fittings), using an allen key.

  • Requires only the basic tools and labor.
  • Each pipe-to-fitting connection is fastened with a simple set-screw.


Parapet Guardrail That
Exceeds Industry Standards

Our parapet safety railing is designed to meet global standards and
to comply with local and national codes.

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.29
OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.501, 29 CFR 1926.502
Canadian National Building Code,,
Ontario Building Code Section,,

When it's Time to Install,
We've Got You Covered

Self install

Self Install

Our parapet railing requires no special labor or tools to install, making it one of the most cost effective permanent solutions. A crew of 2-3 workers can install as much as 600lf in one day. Simplified can assist your team from a distance with drawings, installation instructions, videos, and even video conferencing.


Supervised Installation

Want some expert oversight? We are happy to travel to your site, train your installers, supervise the entire installation, and certify that it was performed correctly. Want only one of those services, no problem. Simplified Safety has your back.

Turn-Key Solutions

Turn Key Installation

If you would rather we handle your project from start to finish, we can take it from here. We will deliver the product to your site, lift it to your roof, comply with your internal safety protocols as well as all other regulations, install the system, and leave you with the peace of mind that your company is protected from unnecessary liability.

Parapet Railing FAQs

How high does a roof parapet railing need to be?

The top rail should be 42 inches in height above the walking surface to meet OSHA standards. The height of the posts will depend on the height of the parapet wall and whether you are attaching it to the top of the parapet or to the wall of the parapet.

Is my parapet wall enough for fall protection?

It depends on the height of a parapet. If your parapet is shorter than 38 inches, it's simply not high enough to meet the guidelines and isn't considered sufficient. OSHA allows for a +/- 3 inches variance on the 42 inches height requirement, allowing a 39 inches parapet wall to be sufficient.

Can my roof parapet railing be powder-coated?

Yes, your roof railing can be powder-coated to any RAL color.

How far apart should my parapet guardrail posts be?

This will be based on the manufacturer's design requirements. Commonly, posts will be no more than 8 feet on center. This can change based on the design of the railing, additional code requirements or the structure of the building.

When do I need a midrail?

A midrail for a parapet wall and railing must be installed between the top rail and the walking/working surface when there is no wall or parapet that is at least 21 inches high. 1910.29(b)(2)

What is the difference between inline and offset parapet guardrail?

This refers to the orientation of the horizontal rail and the posts. An inline railing using connectors that cause the posts and the rails to be in the same plane, giving a contiguous form. An offset railing will use connectors that cause the rails to attach to the side of the posts.

What safety codes does parapet railing comply with?

Our parapet guardrail complies with OSHA and IBC standards.

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