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Roof Parapet Railing

Roof Parapet Safety Railing & Guardrail

Mounting a railing directly to the top of a roof parapet is a cost-effective way of providing rooftop perimeter fall protection.

Avoid penetrating the roof membrane by attaching a safety railing to the parapet of the roof. Mounting to a roof parapet can create cost-effective perimeter fall protection.

Roof Parapet Railing

Connects Quickly and Easily to the Roof Parapet

Each railing upright is screwed to the rooftop parapet directly. Uprights may have one or two rails depending on the height of your parapet. Parapets that are over 21" tall will only require one railing. Each component is modular and fastens to the pipe with set screws.  This makes installation very simple, with no special training or tools needed. 

Customize to Fit Your Building Shape and Style

Custom Roof Parapet Railing

The modular nature of our rooftop parapet railing allows you to connect a contiguous railing to a building of any shape. Specialized fittings are used to make the railing turn any angle that is required to protect the roof perimeter. Inline connectors allow the railing to have contiguous form. The railing can also be powder coated to match the exterior of the building. Powder coating is a durable finish option that will not easily scratch.

Less Railing Fits your Budget Better

Since a parapet is elevated above the walking/working surface, mounting a railing to the parapet means you need less railing than mounting the railing to the roof surface.  Often, if the parapet is high enough (21” or higher), only a single top rail is needed.  Ultimately, this can result in the railing cost being reduced by as much as 40%.

Simply Looks Better

Angled Roof Parapet Railing

Often roof surfaces are anything but flat and level.  Mounting railing to a roof surface can result in an unsightly railing that undulates with the profile of the roof.  Fortunately the parapet is flat and level – allowing the railing to be level and match the unique lines of your building.   Special parapet base flanges are also available that allow the railing to be angled back from the roof edge. This style of railing makes it harder to see the railing from the ground, preserving the aesthetics of the building.

Roof Railing that is Built to Last

Durabel Roof Railing

Both our fittings and pipe are galvanized – with no weld points that can be susceptible to rust.  Each fitting connects to the pipe with set screws to form a solid and lasting connection.  Some of our fittings have been in use since before 1940 and are still going strong!

Design Services Available

Roof Parapet Railing Design

If you know that you need a roof railing, but you are not sure what safety railing solution would be the best fit for your roof, tap into our Safety Railing design services. Simply provide us with a diagram or roof drawing and we can provide you with a quote for the appropriate roof guardrail.

Get a Quote on a Parapet Railing

Other Options Available for Your Roof

We have a variety of other roof railng options available.  If parapet railing is not for you, check out these other options.