Installing Permanent Parapet Railings Just Got Easier

Kee Safety's new fitting will make it easier to construct parapet railings on the edge of the roof. This fitting is deigned to attach to the top of the parapet. From there the railing hangs over the edge on the inside of the building. The railing is then constructed at an angle away from the roof edge. The angle gives the railing greater strength and preserves the aesthetics of the building by making the railing less visible from below.

Below are some pictures of a parapet railing that follows this principal. It does not use the fitting above, but illustrates how to build a parapet railing that can angle away from the edge. This style of railing will preserve building aesthetics (and keeping the architects happy) while protecting the life of the rooftop workers (keeping everyone happy).

Parapet Railing

Parapet Railing

Parapet Railing

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