Pallet Gates for Work Platforms [Case Study]

Pallet Gates on Work Platform

Pallet Gates are typically found on mezzanines, but they can be used in other industrial applications. This pallet gate was used on a work platform that was built around an industrial mixing platform. The pallet gate allows for items to be lifted onto the platform (e.g. pallets of materials to be put into the mixer) while at the same time providing safe access to the people working on the platform.

Pallet Gates on Work Platform - Side View

These pallet gates were installed onto an existing work platform with the addition of fall protection railing. OSHA requires that general industry employees working at a height greater than four feet have adequate fall protection. Adding safety railing and pallet gates to these work platforms brought the system into compliance and provided a safer working area for employees.

Pallet Gates on Work Platform - Gate View

Pallet gates are special safety gates that open only from the outside. This allows pallets and other items to be pushed into the working area with a forklift. The gates do not swing in the outward direction. Pallet gates come in two standard sizes, but custom options are available. Find out more about our pallet and mezzanine gates.

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