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The Vital Importance of Roof Fall Protection

Rooftop work environment requires that special safety measures be taken to prevent a dangerous fall. Falls from height are a leading cause of death in the workplace. There is no need to compromise rooftop safety. General industry OSHA standards require all drops greater than 4 feet to be protected by a fall protection system.

All of our roof fall protection systems and solutions will help mitigate the risk of falls while working at height. Need help? Our safety experts are here to help ensure you're selecting the right form of fall protection for the job! Contact our knowledgeable fall consultants today. They will help you to understand the pros and cons of each roof fall protection system and equipment.

Guidelines for Roof Fall Protection

Employees access the roof for many different reasons. Whether someone is servicing an HVAC unit or cleaning a drain, the proper fall protection measures must be in place. OSHA generally accepts that any person working within 15 feet of a roof edge needs to be protected.

The following are examples of roof hazards that need to be guarded with fall protection.

  • Roof Edge - This is the most obvious hazard on the roof.
  • Skylights - Skylights are considered to be holes unless they are guarded appropriately.
  • Multi-Level Roofs - If a roof is connected to another building and there is a drop of 6 feet or greater, that edge must also be protected.

Different Types of Roof Fall Protection

There's more than one way to protect a worker on the roof. Common solutions for providing fall protection on the roof are:

  • Guardrails - The best way to prevent a fall is to remove a hazard. Guardrails eliminate the hazard completely by putting a barrier between the worker and the fall hazard.
  • Restraint Mechanisms - The second best prevention mechanism is to restrain the worker from getting to the fall hazard. Anchor points and other lifeline devices can be used to prevent someone from reaching the roof edge.
  • Fall Arrest Equipment - The least preferred form of fall protection is equipment that stops a fall after it happens. This may be necessary if someone needs to perform their work right on the edge of a roof.
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