Luxury Building Needs Fall Protection That Looks Good

Non penetrating rooftop railing fall protection

ABM Industries, a facility management company, recently re-roofed Watt Plaza. The safety department identified the need for OSHA-compliant fall protection to protect their workers.

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Stay Safe


Fall protection on a new roof to protect their workers and doesn't damage the roof



KeeGuard railing is a pre-engineered system that provided non-penetrating protection



155 feet of KeeGuard railing was self-installed by the building's management company

The Challenge

Watt Plaza had been re-roofed, and the safety department required OSHA-compliant fall protection to protect their workers and wouldn't damage the new roof. Mike Fregeau, Chief Engineer, worked with Sean Conner to discuss the fall hazards and determine the exact needs of Watt Plaza.

Watt Plaza had existing railings and pipes that needed to be worked into the fall protection solution. A new railing needed to be modular to adapt to the roof and the preexisting railing. Aesthetics was extremely important since Watt Plaza is a high-end luxury building.

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The Solution: KeeGuard Railing

KeeGuard railing was the best option for its many features and benefits. It was the safest solution because it didn't require any user interaction. This meant that workers didn't have to worry about any sort of training around PPE or making any errors. KeeGuard provided the most coverage and its non-penetrating, permanent design solution was perfect for Watt Plaza.

KeeGuard's configuration helps distribute the weight evenly on your roof giving it a low point load and avoiding pooling water and other potential damage. Mike liked that KeeGuard is simple to install with no special training or permits to worry about.

It was a huge bonus that KeeGuard roof railing has the ability to be set back and hidden from street view. Aesthetics was extremely important, and they wanted to limit ground-level visibility. ​

After the installation was finalized a Fall Protection Specialist from the Simplified Safety team traveled to the site to certify the installation. Giving ABM the confidence and peace of mind knowing that the installation was done correctly and to the manufacturer's specifications.

Results: Looking Back

The KeeGuard railing system was simple to install and the galvanized finish blended in with the Los Angeles skyline.

Working with Sean and the Simplified team was a great experience. Sean walked us thru the process of the design and installation. When I sent emails or left voice messages if Sean was not available someone else would step in to keep the process going. We self-installed the system which went very smooth with the shop drawings provided. We are very happy with the system and are looking to do more projects with the Simplified team.

- Mike Fregeau, Watt Plaza Engineering

Julian - Customer Support
Julian Adams
Fall Protection Specialist
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Julian Adams
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