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Elevated Inspection Platform

Elevated Inspection Platform

Aerial Inspection Access Platform Allows Safe, Easy Access to Elevated Areas

Aerial Inspection Platform

Inspecting bridges, walls, windows, roofs and other elevated areas can be done safely and quickly with the use of an Easi-Dec aerial platform. The Easi-Dec aerial platform can be assembled on a work site in just a few minutes. After setup, using a standard extension ladder, you can access the inspection area surrounded by guardrails and standing on a level platform.

Improve Inspection Efficiency with Quick Access

The Easi-Dec portable work platform was built with quick access in mind. It only takes several minutes to erect a work platform that will provide complete access to elevated areas. The legs are independently adjustable to allow for setup on rough, uneven surfaces.

Access Areas of Inspection More Safely

Safely Access Areas of Inspection

Inspections are often about qualifying the safety of a structure. Ironically, people often perform safety inspections in an unsafe way. Easi-Dec aerial work platforms give you inspection access without sacrificing the safety of the inspector. The aerial platform is accessed using a standard ladder. When the platform is reached, the inspector is completely surrounded by guardrail and standing on a level working surface.

Aerial Platform is Completely Portable

Portable Aerial Work Platform

Tie the work platform to a roof rack, stick it in the bed of a truck or the back of a cargo van.

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