Industrial Work Platforms & Roof Walkways

Industrial Work Platforms & Roof Walkways

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There are many types of industrial work platform systems: aerial work platforms, scaffolding, or prefabricated, permanently installed platforms. Which one you choose to use depends on the type of work you plan on doing and the duration of that work. Work platforms are often designed, or customized, with a purpose in mind. Just because you have a platform in place though, doesn’t mean that it can serve every purpose.

We provide custom as well as pre-fabricated industrial stairs and work platforms for any application. We’ll help you customize your rooftop stairs and platforms to perfectly fit the specificities of your operation.

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The platform, since assembled, has not only provided a safe and easy way to access the simulator, it has also saved a lot of time by eliminating the extra steps going down into the pit. It has already seen a tremendous amount of usage.

Terry, Simulation Expert U.S. Army

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