Railcar & Truck Loading Fall Protection


Ethanol Producer Magazine has a well written article on the importance of fall protection.  The article covers the basics of OSHA as well as some great tips on what to look for to make your environment safer.  The article concludes with a list of fall protection solutions that help to prevent falls and keep workers safe, particularly when working around rail cars and truck loading. 

Heres an excerpt from the article:

Look for hazards and ways to avoid them
Get enough light to see what youre doing
Choose and use proper procedures and equipment
Use walkways, especially on tank dikes
Keep walking and climbing pathways clear
Make sure a tank roof will support your weight before walking on it; reinforce roofs, if needed
Have reliable communication when working alone
Check sour tanks for hydrogen sulfide before climbing on top, and have respiratory protection available
Check scaffolds and their inspection tags
Use a helper to hold an extension ladder when climbing to tie-off the ladder

Ignore a hazard if it can hurt someone
Go on a floating roof without required permitsit may be a confined space
Run or jump from elevators
Stand on the top two rungs of a ladder or allow two or more people on the same ladder
Carry tools while climbing
Use unknown scaffolds
Walk on wind girders without railings
Use safety belts, harnesses or climbing devices without training
Expect someone else to prevent a fall

Read the entire article here

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We have a couple of solutions that help protect worker in the railcar and truck loading industry:

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