Fall Protection for Trucks

Fall Protection for Trucks and Trailers

OSHA Compliant Safety Equipment to Protect People Maintaining, Repairing and Cleaning Trucks.
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If your fleet is seeing an increase in productivity, it’s important to stay on top of safety. Our safety experts are here to make sure you’re still compliant with safety standards and ready to get important work done safely.

The trucking industry is vital to our economy and well-being. It delivers goods, supplies, oil — you name it, it probably went by truck. One accident could delay an entire fleet. That’s why it’s so important to keep workers and facilities protected. Whether it’s engine service, trailer maintenance, or loading and unloading vehicles, every station has their own unique considerations that must be accounted for.

Keeping your crew safe requires a full, comprehensive fall protection solution. We will help you determine what OSHA compliant solutions meet your specific needs, giving you peace of mind that your truckers, mechanics, and your site, are protected.

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Mobile Safety Platforms to Move Around Your Facility

Mobile platforms are an easy way to enable access to multiple areas in your facility with one solution. Rolling platforms are able to move throughout your facility easily and can lock into place for added stability. With durable components and no welding required, these platforms offer a long-lasting solution that exceeds local and national regulations.


Installation and Certification
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Turn-Key Solutions

Turn Key Installation

We can come to your workplace and install your system for you. Our team of installers have years of experience and can ensure your system is up to the task.



Our experts will come to your site to inspect and certify proper installation, ensuring that your system is compliant with national and local safety regulations.

Let Us Help Make Your Workplace Safer

Our team of experts are here to ensure your site is safe and compliant, and that you have peace of mind.

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