Fall Protection for trains, railcars

Railcar Fall Protection Solutions

Fall protection and safety equipment to protect people maintaining and repairing railroad cars.

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Find the Right Fall Protection Solution for Railcar Maintenance

The maintenance, repair, and cleaning of railroad cars create a unique safety problem. How do you protect the worker who is on top of the rail car at 15 feet high? Railcars can be smooth and slippery. The ladder rungs and railings could be wet and snow covered. The various heights of loading platforms can expose your workers to fall hazards.

We offer a rigid fall arrest system that allows workers a great range of mobility, all the while protecting them from a dangerous fall. This fall protection crane can be cantilevered out over the car to create a safe working environment on top of the train.

Our range of railing systems can protect pedestrians and workers who are walking near railways as well.

Keeping workers safe requires a full, comprehensive fall protection solution. We will work with you to recommend the safest solution with full OSHA compliance.

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