Safety Railing Solutions for Diverse Environments

Safety Railing Solutions for Diverse Environments

Below is a comprehensive list of safety railing solutions that are available to our customers. Not every safety railing solution is a fit for every environment, so we've called attention to where each railing works best. All of these safety railing solutions are OSHA compliant unless otherwise noted.

  • KeeGuard Rooftop Railing

    KeeGuard Rooftop Railing

    Environments: Flat Roofs or Low Slope Roofs

    KeeGuard is a non-penetrating guardrail that uses counterbalanced or post weights to keep the railing firmly anchored on the roof.

  • Railing on metal roof

    KeeGuard Metal Roof Railing

    Environments: Standing Seam or Corrugated Metal Roofs

    KeeGuard metal roof can be attached to standing seam roofs with non-penetrating S-5! clamps. The railing attaches to corrugated metal roofs with a special plate that must be screwed into the roof surface.

  • Portable rooftop railing

    Portable Guardrail

    Environments: Flat Roofs and Job Sites with Flat Surfaces

    Portable railing can be used as a permanent solution or a temporary guardrail that can be moved from location to location. Portable guardrail has 5'-10' sections of railing that are held up by weighted bases.

  • Parapet Guardrail

    Parapet Roof Railing

    Environments: Roofs with Structural Parapets

    This railing can be attached to existing roof parapets to provide a guardrail that meets OSHA requirements.

  • Mounted guard rail

    Ground Mounted Safety Railing

    Environments: Flat and Sloped Surface (ground or wall) that can receive a fastener.

    This is a very flexible option when it comes to creating guardrail and safety railing. It can attach to virtually any surface and provides barrier protection that is OSHA compliant.

  • Kitted OSHA guard rail

    Kwik Kit Safety Railing

    Environments: Flat Surface (ground) that can receive a fastener.

    This railing kit can be purchased in three kits: corner, straight and extension. It is galvanized and then powder coated safety yellow. It comes partially assembled in the box and is very simple to complete the assembly.

  • Construction Safety Railing

    Construction Safety Railing

    Environments: Construction Site

    There are various types of railings that attach to many different kinds of surfaces. Most of the railings in this category are designed to be temporary and meet OSHA standards for guardrail.

  • Construction Safety Railing

    ADA Handrail

    Environments: Ramps, Stairs and Flat Areas that Require Handicap Access

    ADA railing can be designed to provide OSHA fall protection, but the default configuration for ADA railing only takes into consideration handicap access laws.

  • Construction Safety Railing

    Roof Hatch Railing

    Environments: Around Roof Hatches

    OSHA compliant railing that attaches to a roof hatch. This railing also provides a grab point for people entering and exiting the hatch.

  • Skylight Railing

    Skylight Railing

    Environments: Around Skylights

    OSHA considers a skylight to be a hole in your roof. Skylights must be protected with the appropriate railing. KeeDome is a non-penetrating railing that hugs the edge of dome skylights.

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