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ADA Handrail

ADA Compliant Handrail System

A Cost Effective Solution for installing ADA Compliant Handrails

Compliant, Aesthetic, Modular, and Easy to Install

The Series 500 ADA Railing System is a cost effective handrail installation suitable for stairs, ramps or walkways that conform to the railing requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). An ADA railing is a framework of horizontal rails supported by vertical uprights (posts), assembled from fittings and pipe. This type of railing provides a contiguous gripping surface throughout its entire length.

ADA Compliant

The Series 500 ADA railing system is designed to help architects, engineers, specifiers, builders, and contractors ensure that all commercial and public buildings satisfy the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and applicable state and local building codes. The Series 500 ADA Railing System is specifically designed to give a smooth handrail gripping surface using standard 1-1⁄4'' schedule 40 pipe.

Learn more about ADA Handrail Standards, Guidelines.

Quick and Inexpensive to Install

The new railing system incorporates a group of new galvanized fittings and has been designed with versatility and speed of installation in mind. Ideal for use in creating new structures, the system can also be used as a retrofit solution because it includes “Add-On” offset fittings A10-748 and A10-848 which allow a new handrail to be added onto an existing pipe structure.

No Welding or Specialized Labor - Save on Install Costs!

The modular Series 500 Railing fittings securely join standard sizes of schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe and is flexible enough to accommodate most variations between design drawings and site requirements. The system does not require any welding or threading, and is easily assembled without specialized workers or equipment. All fittings are galvanized for low long-term maintenance and can be powder coated to your choice of RAL Colors.

Pre-engineered to Meet Code Requirements

The Series 500 ADA Railing System can be easily integrated with fittings from the established Kee Klamp® fitting line to create a complete and cost effective answer to your ADA and Building Code requirements.

Especially well suited for accessible ramps and stairwells, the Series 500 ADA Railing System is quality assured and can be used with absolute confidence. Send us your drawings, sketches or layout for a complete detailed proposal.

Design Assistance - We Can Help!

If you need help configuring a setup or you would like to receive a quote for an entire ADA Handrail system, please contact our Customer Service department.

Video Overview of the ADA Handrail System

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