Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Safety Month [Humor]


There is little doubt that safety is serious business. We hope this list will help you get a few laughs and think seriously about fixing some of the hazards that jeopardize the lives of the people you work with.

  1. Get a Suntan
    While you’re up on the roof lounging in the sun don’t forget to take a look at your skylights. A good skylight screen or guardrail can reduce surface glare or even keep a coworker from falling through.

  2. Repel Down the Side of Your Building
    While going over the edge of your building, If you find it too easy to get over the edge, that may be because you lack needed rooftop guardrail. Here is our own Dan Wampler checking a Rochester sky scraper.

  3. Build a Circus Style Jungle Gym
    With a few anchor points, harnesses, and lanyards and some kee klamp fittings you can build your own indoor playground to swing through the air. Hey, they could even be used by your maintenance guys to tie off while working at height!

  4. Play Guess that Smell
    While walking around the workplace try to notice the different smells in each area. There are many things that can be silent-but-deadly in the workplace high VOC levels can be just one of them. Chemical inhalants can be hazardous to your health. (FREE PSA) You may want to consider carrying a couple of complimentary cans of axe body spray to give away as “prizes”. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Start Gambling
    But play it smart. Transitions from ladders to elevated surfaces are the roulette of workplace safety. (really bad odds) Statistically this is where most fatalities by fall occur. Give yourself a competitive edge with roof hatch guardrails or an industrial safety gate. Rememberalways bet on safety yellow.

  6. Halloween in June
    You’ve heard of Christmas in Julywell, here’s a new one for you. Try walking around the workplace like a zombie by dragging one of your feet behind you, and moaning “Braaiiins”. C’mon everyone is doing it. That dragging foot can even help you to feel for trip hazards along the way. Don’t forget to check your roof.

  7. Play Doctor
    No need to get out your old fisher price kit and start checking your coworkers for symptoms resulting from poor ergonomics. The “Advil” test works great to find what motions are causing fatigue and strain. Simply inquire what aches and pains cause them to reach for the bottle. How’s that for high-tech root cause analysis.

  8. Kick the Can
    Play a few games of kick the can from every elevated work surface in your workplace. If workers below keep complaining about the can falling on their heads, that is a sure sign that you need toe-board on your guardrails. Speaking of guardrailyou do have railings on all your stairs and elevated work surfaces right? Nothing ruins a good game of kick the can faster than a stubbed toe or fractured C5 Vertebrae.

  9. Tow-Motor Tag
    One of my personal favorites. Here’s how to play One employee chases people around with a forklift, and all the others try not to get “tagged”. It helps to use the employee workstations as safe zones, and that would be a good time to make sure that each workstation has the appropriate impact barriers and bollards.

  10. Go Shopping
    Nothing like a relaxing shopping trip to make for a great holiday, and how much better when you can do it on-line or over the phone with a handsome customer service rep? (ok wellmaybe they just have a nice personality) YES..this is my shameless plug for our website, but seriouslycheck it out. Solutions for all your safety problems.
    If you don’t, then my boss won’t let me write any more funny stuff for the web ;)

If you're looking for more serious information about National Safety Month, then try the National Safety Council web site.


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