Skylight Fall Protection Systems

Skylight Fall Protection Systems

Protect Your People from Roof Skylights and Openings
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What is Skylight Fall Protection?

Skylight fall protection is critical in any work area or walking surface to ensure the safety of anyone accessing the area. OSHA considers a rooftop skylight to be a hole in the roof surface. A skylight that is unprotected is a hazard that can cause serious injury and can even be fatal.

Skylight Screens

skylight safety screens

Skylight safety screens are a wired mesh that surrounds the skylight, ensuring accidental falls or misplaced steps do not damage the skylight and, in turn, protect the worker. The mesh is wide enough to let plenty of light through while being strong enough to promote safety. Skylight fall protection is vital in rooftop safety which is why skylight screens come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit most skylight types.

Will Skylight Screens Work for Me?

Skylight Railing

Kee Dome Skylight Railing Fall Protection

Skylight guardrail is a galvanized railing system designed to create a barrier around the skylight to prevent contact from a worker. This skylight system uses non-penetrating railing that protects the skylight without damaging the structure or roof. Skylight safety is non-negotiable, that’s why we provide a variety of skylight guards to ensure every skylight has fall protection.

Will Skylight Guardrail Work for Me?

Skylight Fall Protection That
Exceeds Industry Standards

Designed for code compliance, our skylight fall protection solutions are designed to meet and exceed OSHA standards.

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(4)

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.28(b)(3) & 1910.28(b)(3)(i)

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