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Skylight Fall Protection

Skylight Fall Protection

The "Safety First" mantra and OSHA regulations say you have a duty to protect people who are accessing the roof.
       Skylights are a deadly hazard that is often overlooked.

Don't let this happen... this fall was fatal!

This image is from an actual accident that was investigated by the State of California. Skylight fall protection exists for one purpose: protect people from falling into a skylight while working on the roof. The man who fell through that skylight did not go home that night.

This accident could have been prevented.

Protect Your Skylights. Protect Your People.

There are two main solutions when it comes to skylight fall protection: skylight screens and skylight guardrail. Skylight screens (or skylight cages) provide fall protection by covering the skylight with a wire mesh framework. The wire mesh will let light through, but is made to absorb the weight of a falling person. Skylight screens come in several styles and can protect most of the skylight types that are currently being used. See the chart below to learn more about how skylight safety cages can provide fall protection for most skylights.

Skylight guardrail works the way that you would expect -- it puts a barrier between the person and the hazard. Skylight guardrail has special bases that do not penetrate the roof.

  Skylight Screens
Skylight Screens
Skylight Guardrail
Skylight Guardrail
OSHA Compliant Yes Yes
CAL-OSHA Compliant Yes, special styles Yes
Easy to Install Yes Yes
Will it Penetrate the Roof? Penetrating and Non-Penetrating Available Non-Penetrating
Typical Lead Time 2 Weeks 1 Week

Works with Skylight Styles

  Skylight Screens Skylight Guardrail
Dome Skylights Yes Yes
Standing Seam Skylights Yes Custom Railing Available
Rib/Corrugated Skylights Yes Custom Railing Available
Non-Standard Skylights No Yes
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Skylights: An Often Overlooked Fall Hazard

Importance of OSHA Compliant Skylight Fall Protection

OSHA considers a rooftop skylight to be hole in the roof surface. A skylight that is accidently stepped on or fallen into can break and cause a fall from a fatal height. If skylights are in the vacinity of any work area or walking surface, they must be protected with the appropriate fall protection screens or guardrail.

Get the full scoop on OSHA skylight regulations by reading this article: Skylights: An Often Overlooked Fall Hazard.

Whatever style your skylight, Simplified Safety has a screen or guardrail that can be used as fall protection. Please contact our sales team with any questions you may have about skylight fall protection