Dan Goes Over the Edge for a Great Cause

Dan Rapels in Downtown Rochester

Last week our very own Dan Wampler went over the edge for a great cause. The local Boy Scouts of America chapter hosted an event called 21 Stories for Scouts. The event was a fundraiser that challenged local companies to send their boss or coworker to the event by sponsoring them for a certain amount of money. Instead of being a typical participant, Dan volunteered for the day, entitling him to one free trip over the edge of the building. His wife was kind enough to shoot a few pictures for us.

While working the event Dan had the opportunity to get to know Over the Edge, the very safety-conscious organization that ran the event for the Scouts. Dan rubbed shoulders with the members of the organization and was pleased to learn that safety is a top priority for everyone at the event. Over the Edge runs these events all over the country all summer long. You can find our more about their organization on their web site: www.overtheedgeusa.com.

Dan Rapels in Downtown Rochester

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