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Ladder Safety Systems are Critical and Compliant Fall Protection

Climbing a ladder is a task often taken for granted, a single slip or a missed rung could result in a life-threatening fall. Ladder safety doesn’t stop at the top, in fact; the transition to the walking-working surface is one of the most dangerous fall hazards.

  • Ensure your workers are safe and your company is OSHA compliant with a safe ladder system.
  • Prevent falls while climbing a fixed ladder and safely access the walking-working surface.
  • One fixed ladder or multiple sections, safety ladder systems are fully customizable to meet your safety needs.

At Simplified Safety, we're committed to providing a safe solution from the bottom of the ladder to the top of the walking-working surface.

Three Parts of a Complete
Ladder Fall Protection System:

Vertical lifeline for fall protection

Ascending Safely:
Vertical Ladder Lifelines

Vertical lifelines are a comprehensive solution to ensure your team is secure while climbing fixed ladders. Vertical lifelines systems include a stainless steel cable, a track, and a full-body harness attached to a fixed ladder.

Self closing gate for ladder fall protetion

Transition Safely:
Safety Gates

A safety gate provides a safe barrier for fixed ladders and access points to a walking-working surface. Safety Gates are easy to install and come in a variety of styles and finishes, such as galvanizes, aluminum and stainless steel.

Safety railing for ladder fall protection systems

Edge Protection:
Guardrail Systems

Fall protection guardrail along the walking-working surface can complete your ladder safety system. A guardrail system provides a barrier to the roof's edge and the peace of mind your workers are protected.


Is Your Ladder OSHA Compliant?

Updated OSHA Regulations for Walking-Working Surfaces

In 2017 OSHA updated its regulations for walking-working surfaces to protect workers better while climbing fixed ladders. Ladder cages are no longer a compliant application for fall protection.

  • Cages installed before November 19, 2018, are allowed; however, replacement sections will require a safety ladder system or vertical lifeline.
  • Fixed Ladders above 24 feet, installed after November 19, 2018, will require a safety ladder system.
  • Any existing cage by November 19, 2036, must include a safety ladder system.

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We believe simplicity and safety go hand-in-hand. It’s our mission to simplify the complex regulations and provide the most comprehensive safety solutions unique to your business needs.



We only source fall protection equipment and systems that are tested to meet or exceed industry regulations. Providing you the peace of mind that your workers are safe.



We've completed over 5000 safety projects, in 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and Mexico. We've contributed over 350 blog posts focused on worker safety to drive the industry forward.

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