Weightanka® - Deadweight Roof Anchor System

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Product Description

Weightanka is a non-penetrating roof anchor system for permanent or temporary access on flat roofs or structures. The roof anchor system can be used on roofs with a 5-degree pitch or less.

One Weightanka system can support one worker in fall arrest or two workers in fall restraint*. The system is designed to be used with an approved shock-absorbing rope grab and rope along with a full-body harness to provide safe access at all times.

*A fall restraint system will eliminate the possibility of an employee going over the edge of a walking-working surface.


What's Included

  • 8x 25kg weights
  • 4x 15kg rubber coated weights
  • 1x stabilizer arm
  • 1x bottom cross beam
  • 1x top cross beam
  • 4x locating pins
  • 4x clips for locating pins
  • 1x pedestal anchor
  • 1x M20 x 75mm socket screw
  • 1x eye bolt anchor
  • 1x m12x40mm eye bolt (2-person system only)
  • 1x tommy bar
  • 1x PPE warning disc
  • 1x polythene washer

Product Details


  • Dimensions: 4'-6" x 4'-6"
  • Can be used on single ply, asphalt, tpo, ballasted, mineral felt, and concrete roofs.
  • If used on a ballasted roof, clear loose stones for 39 inches around the unit.
  • No welding, bending or threading on site
  • Over 100 suction cups molded into each rubber bonded weight to maximize grip
  • Rubber molded base weights prevent rubber pads 'peeling' at the edges
  • Raised central pedestal reduces the distance of travel during a fall arrest event
  • Independently tested at N.E.L (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride N.B. 0320)

Important Guidelines

  • To be installed no closer than 10' from an edge
  • Can be used on roofs with up to a 5-degree pitch
  • DO NOT position in snow, ice, or standing water.
  • DO NOT position where there is a risk of contamination on the roof surface by oil, grease or growth of algae.
  • Designed to be used with shock absorbing lanyards that have a 900lb maximum arresting force
  • With two users, Weightanka can ONLY be used in fall restraint, where no user is able to reach 20 inches from the roof edge.

Installation Video

This Product is OSHA Compliant

This product is safety critical. This product must only be used by a competently trained individual. Read the instructions for use completely before using this product.


OSHA 1926.32(f)

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