temporary guardrail system

Temporary and Portable Guardrail Systems

OSHA Compliant Construction Railing for Quick Assembly and Job Site Safety
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Temporary safety railings are a safe and effective solution for fall hazards in temporary and construction environments.

Code Expertise

OSHA Compliant

Designed to meet the OSHA construction industry standards.



Portable guardrail that is easy to move at the job site.



Temporary railings can be easily configured to fit multiple job sites using the same basic components.

Hazard Awareness

Highly Visible

Portable safety railing comes in bright safety yellow to help workers quickly recognize the fall hazard beyond the guardrail.

portable guardrail system

Advantages of Temporary Safety Railing

temporary safety railing

Modularity and Mobility

If you need to move the railing frequently the modular mobile railing system allows for easy disassembly, portability, and reassembly. The temporary guardrail come in modular sections that are very easy to move and reconfigure. Sections can be easily added or replaced with another piece of portable safety railing.

  • Lightweight pieces for ease of mobility
  • Non-penetrating design for simple set-up
  • Six, eight, ten, and twelve-foot railing sections
  • Separate steal bases that attach for easy assembly

Construction Grade Guardrail

In accordance with OSHA 1926 M, construction guardrail comes in large, fixed railing sections making it more mobile than other railing solutions. As construction progresses, the mobile railing allows for easy adjustment while still resisting winds up to 70mph. Plus, the portable guardrail system comes in “safety yellow” to ensure high visibility.

  • “Safety yellow” powder coat
  • Portable, free-standing guardrail
  • OSHA compliant instructions attached to each section
  • The portable railing system can resist winds up to 70mph
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construction grade portable railing

Not Sure if a Portable Railing Suits Your Needs?

non-penetrating guardrail

Our non-penetrating guardrail system provides a permanent solution for roof fall protection. The modular design of our KeeGuard railing works around obstacles, adapts to your building's aesthetics, and is durable enough to withstand any weather conditions including high winds and snow.

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