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Portable Safety Railing Systems

Portable Safety Railing is a valuable asset to both the general and construction industry. Removing the fall hazard with the use of safety railing is always to be preferred to personal fall protection systems such as tie-off anchors and lifelines. We offer several high quality portable guardrail systems that can help you to protect people working at height.

Choosing the right system is vital to ensuring that proper fall protection is in place for people who are working at height. Get started with the right system by reading the four questions posted below.

Two Types of Portable Safety Railing

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Portable Railing System

  • Do you plan on moving the railing?

    1. Do you really plan on moving the railing?

    A fair number of our customers come to us for portable guardrail, but what the really want is something that is non-penetrating. People tend to equate portability with non-penetrating. We offer several non-penetrating system that are meant to be assembled and stay put on the roof. These railings are easy to install and offer a more integrated look than traditional portable railing.

    Click here to see a listing of permanent non-penetrating guardrail systems.

  •  How often are you planning on moving or reconfiguring the guradrail system?

    2. How often are you planning on moving or reconfiguring the guardrail system?

    Are you planning on taking the railing from site to site, or do you need to simply move the system for maintenance a couple times a year?

    Frequently - If you are planning on moving the railing frequently then see our mobile guardrail system. The guardrail units come in modular sections that are very easy to move.

    Infrequently - If you only need to move the railing on an infrequent basis, a non-penetrating system may do the job. All of our non-penetrating railing solutions are modular and can be partially disassembled with a few simple tools. See the non-penetrating railing systems if you are only moving the railing a couple of times a year.

  • Are you planning on using the railing on an existing building or a construction site?

    3. Are you planning on using the railing on an existing building or a construction site?

    OSHA has different standards for railing that is used in general industry and construction sites.

    Construction Industry - Construction guardrail must conform to OSHA 1926 Subpart M which allows for larger railing sections to be used. If you're using the railing on a construction site, you want to use the mobile guardrail system.

    General Industry - If you are using the railing in general industry, the system must conform to OSHA 1910.23 and in that case both the mobile and non-penetrating systems can be used. In the case of general industry, most customers prefer the non-penetrating railing because it has an integrated look and is more durable than our mobile railing system.

  • How important is the asthetics of the railing system?

    4. How important is the aesthetics of the railing system?

    Depending on where the railing is located, aesthetics of the guardrail system may be more or less important.

    The mobile railing system is safety yellow and looks like a construction railing. It has separations every 8 to 10 feet and does not have an integrated look.

    The non-penetrating guardrail systems use pipe couplings to create a consistent linear look to the guardrail, making it look more integrated into the existing structure. The non-penetrating systems also come in a plain galvanized finished that can be left as is or alternatively powder-coated to any RAL color. This can be helpful when trying to achieve a fully integrated look with the building aesthetics.

Portable Guardrail Feature Matrix

The four questions above probably helped to funnel you into the portable railing solution that you were looking for. The comparison table below presents a lot of the same information that is found above in a easy to compare grid.

  Non-Penetrating Permanent Guardrail Temporary Guardrail System
Penetration Required No No
Mobility Low High
OSHA Compliance 1910 & 1926 1910 & 1926
No 10' Sections for 1910
Finish Fully Galvanized Powder Coated
Standard Color Galvanized Grey Safety Yellow
Custom Colors Yes, Any RAL Color No
Aesthetic Architectural Construction
Primary Use General Industry Roof Fall Protection Construction Industry Fall Protection
Manufacturer Kee Safety Guardian Fall Protection

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Configuration Assistance

No need to answer the questions you have about portable guardrail simply by reading our website. Reach out to one of our sales engineers and they will help walk you through the necessary questions to arrive at the ideal portable railing system for your particular situation.

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