Fall Protection and safety for wastewater treatment plants

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Fall Protection

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Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants present fall hazards that other industries don’t have.

In addition to rooftops and elevated work areas that require guardrails, these facilities also have open pools where water is collected. Workers are not only exposed to chemicals to clean the water, but with so much water involved in the process, slips, trips, and falls can pose a fall hazard.

Employees are may also have to work in confined spaces in wastewater treatment plants. They can be exposed to low oxygen or high levels of dangerous chemicals that can cause illness or death.

Wastewater treatment plans can be a demanding work environment. We will work with you to develop a customized fall protection system that meets your requirements, OSHA standards, and fits your space. Our priority is to ensure your personnel stays safe throughout your plant.

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