fall protection and rooftop walkways for the airports

Airport Fall Protection Systems

Create a safe work environment while maintaining aircrafts or working at height on airport rooftops.

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Airports have unique fall protection safety needs, whether you're working at height on the rooftop or in an airplane hanger, having the proper fall protection in place can save lives. Designing fall protection solutions for protecting those employees can be challenging and requires a complete understanding of aircraft maintenance operations. Based on the design and the operational requirements, we will work with you to recommend the most effective safety solution.

We offer an overhead rigid rail fall protection system that can be used to support workers who are working on top of airplanes. These special crane-mounted fall protection units create a safe working environment for people who are repairing and cleaning large airline jets. In addition to fall protection, our railing systems are often a great solution for protecting a rooftop edge or a pedestrian walkway.

We have developed a number of various products and systems designed specifically for the Aviation Industry.

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