Code Expertise

OSHA Compliant

Compliant with OSHA regulation to create a safe working area for your people and efficiently reduce your liability.



Securely delineates your safe working area without damaging or penetrating the rooftop.

Easy to Assemble


Easily adapts to a broad range of roof conditions to rapidly deploy and minimize downtime.



Extremely durable components and tested to withstand 105 MPH winds.

Advantages of Warning Line
for Fall Protection

Warning Line Fall Protection
You Don't Have to Think About

The best kind of fall protection equipment keeps workers safe without them having to do anything. A warning line system creates a physical barrier separating workers from roof edge fall hazards. OSHA requires that these systems be set back from the roof edge, either 6' or 15', depending on the length and frequency of the work done.

The highly visible cable is elevated per OSHA 1910.29 to create a physical barrier that can't be covered by debris or snow, ensuring that your safe working area is available during all four seasons. Flags can be added to the line to increase visibility, aligning with OSHA's 25-foot visibility rule.

The unique post design prevents the chain from detaching during adverse weather conditions, while wind testing confirms stability exceeding 105 mph. All these factors combined allow the system to remain a permanent safety feature of your rooftop. Individual decision-making is minimized, resulting in a safe work area requiring little administration or maintenance.

Flat Roof Warning Line Path

Metal Roof Warning Line

A Long-Lasting Warning Line
Fall Protection System

Our permanent warning line system uses components that add strength and durability. The performance lifetime exceeds 20 years. Manufacturing follows a rigorous QA process that ensures compliance globally and locally.

A high visibility PVC coating enhances the stainless steel cable while the upright posts are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461. This treatment provides a very high level of corrosion resistance and extended lifetime.

Upright bases are solid, recycled rubber that will last as long as your facility. No maintenance or filling is required. The rubber weights also protect your roof from contact with metal edges.

Warning Line that is Versatile and Synergistic

Create diverse designs and layouts with our warning line system's vast array of Kee Klamp fittings. Unique roof shapes and rooftop equipment are no longer a problem.

Build a seamless barrier by connecting the warning line to existing structures or other component-based systems. Attach to I-beams, structural walls, existing guardrails, or access platforms to design an utterly OSHA-compliant rooftop fall protection system.

Use pre-engineered warning line systems to deliver the strength and durability of Kee Safety's 80+ years of engineering expertise. Custom designs can be validated and modified to ensure compliance with global, national, and local regulations.

Warning Line Connected to Guardrail

Warning Line OSHA Codes

OSHA defines how and when a warning line can be used in the workplace. Here are the relevant OSHA codes you need to know.

  • 1910.28: This code describes an employers duty to have fall protection and what that fall protection can be in each situation.
  • 1910.29: This code lays out how fall protection systems should be designed, built, and used.
  • Construction Code: The construction code will lay out when and how a warning line can be used during construction work. You will want to look at 1926.500, 1926.501, and 1926.502.

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