Our high-quality products are designed and built for warehouse safety. Simplified Safety will help identify the safety hazards in your facility to determine the most effective solutions to keep employees safe, maintain OSHA compliance, and keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

We carry impact barriers, bollard guards, warehouse pallet rack guards, and more to keep your warehouse and equipment secure from damage.

Increase Warehouse Efficiency and Promote Safety

Warehouses tend to have more hazards than people think - from forklifts to conveyors - and are often overlooked.

Whether your warehouse is big or small, a strong safety culture is key to preventing accidents and maximizing productivity. Though accidents do happen, adding safety equipment such as guardrail, barriers, and bollards will protect your workforce, prevent collision damage caused by moving vehicles, and avoid any costly downtime.

What can you do? Perform a warehouse safety assessment. Select the best protection for your employees. Eliminate as much of the human error factor as you can. Continue to train your workforce to maximize the effectiveness of your safety program.

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I had a problem and Simplified Safety had the solution. They provided fast service and carry a wide selection of products to assist you in correcting any problems you may have. In this case we went with their self-closing pallet gate. Great product and my guys love it. Thanks Simplified Safety.

Jared S.

Plant Manager

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