Permanent Non-Penetrating Guardrail

Permanent Non-Penetrating Railing

Permanent non-penetrating guardrail works great for long-term protection on your roof. Wherever frequent traffic or work is being done near a fall hazard, having a permanent guardrail is ideal.

The modular nature of KeeGuard can give you a customized layout and will provide safety for your workers. If the location is in a harsh environment (high winds, heavy snowfall, etc.), KeeGuard is corrosion resistant and will withstand the elements.

Temporary Non-Penetrating Guardrail

Temporary Non-Penetrating Railing

When you have a construction job coming up and need to protect yourself from a fall hazard, portable guardrails may be your best option. These systems are designed for easy disassembly, portability, and reassembly.

Temporary non-penetrating guardrails are designed with modularity and convenience in mind. They can be easily configured to fit multiple job sites using the same basic components.


Benefits of Non-Penetrating Guardrail

roof warranty remains with non-penetrating railing

Retain Your Roof's Warranty

Avoid damaging the integrity of the structure by poking holes in the roof and voiding any roof warranties by installing non-penetrating railing. You will avoid potential future leaks, pooling water, and other potential damage caused by drilling holes.

Non-penetrating guardrail uses counterbalances and weighted bases to sit on the roof's surface creating zero penetrations.

No Specialized Labor for Installation

Fall protection shouldn't take days. Its simple installation saves you time and money by not needing specialized workers, special training, or permits. Only an allen wrench is required since there is no drilling or welding. A crew of 2-3 workers can install as much as 600lf of KeeGuard in one day.

simple installation for installing non-penetrating railing
permanent protection with railing

Permanent Protection that Adapts to Your Roof

Non-penetrating permanent railing can adapt to changing environments. Whether you are re-roofing or installing rooftop units, the railings can be moved and put back up depending on the project.

KeeGuard’s modular design allows the components to be installed around your roof’s ladders, equipment, and other rooftop obstacles. The guardrail is compatible with existing and new fall protection systems and is easily attached to any existing roof structure.

Need Help Selecting a Railing?

Our fall protection experts can help you choose the right guardrail system for your rooftop and provide design assistance.

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