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Non-Penetrating Rooftop Railing

Non-penetrating guardrail is not designed to be temporary, but because it does not physically attach to the structure it can be moved or relocated . In a non-penetrating guardrail system weights hold the system in place rather than fasteners. There are several types of non-penetrating guardrail systems, but they all accomplish the same goal: rooftop fall protection that does not damage the structure or void roof warranties.

To Move or Not to Move... That is the Question

If you are not planning on moving the railing on a regular basis then you want to use one of the non-penetrating railing systems that are listed below. These systems will give you the most durability, the best aesthetics, and the highest quality. If you really do plan to move the railing, then please look at our temporary mobile guardrail.

Integrated Look, Industrial Durability, Fully Compliant

Non-penetrating railing doesn't have to make your rooftop look like a construction site. Our non-penetrating railing systems are designed to create smooth lines that integrate well into the building aesthetics. The railings come with a standard galvanized finish, but can be supplied in custom colors to make integration even more attractive.

All components are full galvanized to ASTM standards. This is not a powder coated railing that will begin to rust in a matter of years. The components used in our non-penetrating guardrail have been known to last for decades even under harsh outdoor conditions.

What sense would it be to sell a safety railing that wasn't compliant to relevant industry safety standards? In today's market this is not a silly questions. Are you sure that the railing system you are considering has been tested and configured to comply with OSHA standards? KeeGuard railing systems have been tested by a third party to validate that they comply with OSHA's general industry safety railing regulations. A copy of these testing documents is available upon request. Our sales team will ensure that the railing is configured properly, providing adequate fall protection for employees accessing the roof.

Which Non-Penetrating Railing System is Right for You

Selecting a non-penetrating railing is pretty straight forward. Roof type and available space are the primary considerations. Below are the three major types of non-penetrating railing systems. Click on each section to learn more about that railing type.

KeeGuard - Standard

KeeGuard - Standard

KeeGuard Standard has long been the industry leader in rooftop fall protection. It's architectural look, easy installation, and industrial durability have made it a clear winner for over a decade in the fall protection industry.

Primary Application: Flat roofs with slope of 5 degrees or less.

KeeGuard - Post Weight

KeeGuard - Post Weight

KeeGuard Post Weight is a fall protection system that uses recycled PVC weights to keep the walking surface around the railing clear from obstructions.

Primary Application: Flat roofs with slope of 5 degrees or less.

KeeGuard - Standing Seam

KeeGuard - Standing Seam

The name says it all. This KeeGuard railing system attaches directly to the standing seam with non-penetrating S-5! clamps.

Primary Application: Standing seam metal roofs

Several other penetrating railing systems are available for other roof types and parapets. Check out the complete listing of roof fall protection systems.

Need Help Selecting a Railing? We're Here to Help!

We don't expect you to figure this out for yourself. Our experienced staff can help configure a fall protection railing system that help you comply with OSHA requirements and keep people safe who are working at height. Click on the button below to get started on a fall protection railing quote.

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