Adapts to Your Roof

A non-penetrating guardrail can go anywhere on your flat roof, not just where the support structures are placed.


Non-Penetrating System

No more digging into your roof or drilling into your parapets to install a guardrail. Non-penetrating railings just sit on the roof while providing permanent protection.

Pass Inspection

OSHA Compliant

Designed and engineered to meet OSHA standards. All the benefits of a non-penetrating guardrail while maintaining necessary safety standards.


Simple Installation

No welding or specialty training required. Simple tools that any skilled worker can use.

Benefits of Non-Penetrating Guardrail

non penetrating rooftop guardrail

Don't Jeopardize Your Precious Roof Warranty

You shouldn’t have to pay to have your warranty recertified just because you installed a rooftop safety guardrail. Use a non-penetrating guardrail that doesn’t mount to any structure on your building. Prevent water from pooling and damaging your roof by using a lightweight PVC counterweight to give your team all the protection they need.

Non-penetrating guardrail uses counterbalances and weighted bases to sit on the roof's surface creating zero penetrations.

A Rooftop Guardrail Anyone Can Install

Relying on contractors you can’t choose because of a manufacturer’s requirement is a thing of the past. A non-penetrating rooftop railing is so simple to install that you can use that contractor who's always finished the project on time and as expected. Or you can store it on-site for when your maintenance team has the time and weather to install the rooftop safety guardrail.

Non Penetrating Guardrail Installation
Non Penetrating Guardrail with Chainlink

More Than Just an OSHA Compliant Railing

Avoid that feeling when you complete a project and find out that there’s one more requirement that your guardrail can’t comply with. Kee Guard non-penetrating guardrail will be able to comply with OSHA, ANSI, and IBC (which most local building codes adopt).

Railing that Adapts to Your Roof

Conformity is a good thing when you’re choosing a guardrail system. Don’t worry about the odd angles or multiple levels on your roof when you use a guardrail that can use a couple of fittings to overcome most obstacles.

Inevitably, designs need to be changed, whether it’s because of an oversight during measurements or the location of your gas lines means a unit needs to move. You want a system that can go with the flow and change on the spot.

Multi-Level Non Penetrating Guardrail

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We work with our customers to ensure the process is smooth from design to installation.

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Non Penetrating Guardrail FAQs

Is Non Penetrating Guardrail OSHA Compliant?

Yes. Our non penetarting guardrail is engineered to support a force greater than 200 lb in the downward or outward directions. It is designed and tested to exceed local and national safety regulations, including OSHA.

What Roof Surfaces Can I Use Non Penetrating Guardrail On?

Our non penetrating railing has several bases that allow it to be installed on a variety of roof surfaces: membrane, asphalt, concrete, metal, and standing seam rooftops.

Can I Install Non Penetrating Railing On a Sloped Roof?

Non penetrating railing weights, bases, and ability to angle the uprights allow it to be used on any roof up to a 5-degree slope.

Is Non Penetrating Railing a Permanent Solution?

Yes. Non-penetrating guardrail is a permanent fall protection solution for rooftops or unprotected edges. Due to the modularity of the system, it can also be adjusted, moved, or taken down with relative ease.

What are the Non Penetrating Counter Weights Made Out Of

Our non-penetrating base weights are made from 100% recycled PVC. They weigh 30 lbs and are environmentally friendly. The counter Weights can be configured to support the loading requirements in all areas of the system.

How long does it take to install Non Penetrating Safety Railing?

The system typically takes two people to install up to 600 linear feet in an 8-hour day once all the equipment is on the roof and the location is free of stones and loose debris.

Is Non Penetrating Railing Easy to Install?

Yes, Non penetrating railing is simple to install. All you need is some time for labor and simple hand tools. There’s no permit or special training required to set up a non penetrating railing.

How Can I Get an Estimate on a Non Penetrating Guardrail System?

Call one of our experts at 1.866.527.2275 or send us a chat. Some information needed includes locations of hazards, size of the roof, type of work being done, and frequency of access.

Need Help Selecting a Railing?

Our fall protection experts can help you choose the right guardrail system for your rooftop and provide design assistance.

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