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Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

Choosing an OSHA Compliant Guardrail that Won't Damage Your Roof

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Example of a Non-Penetrating Guardrail
Example of a Non-Penetrating Guardrail
A Counter Balance System that Exceeds OSHA Requirements

Protect your Roof with Guardrail
without Damaging your Roof

Roofs are expensive, and even more so when you damage it by mounting guardrail to the roof surface.

Fortunately, there are non-penetrating guardrail systems that do not penetrate your roof whatsoever. Meaning, forget about the welding, cutting, leaks, roof repairs, and additional long-term costs associated with tearing open your roof.

Your next guardrail can sit directly on your roof surface or even clamp onto the existing structure.

Non-Penetrating Guardrail on a Rooftop
Non-Penetrating Guardrail on a Rooftop
Weighted Base that Exceeds OSHA Regulations

The Two Kinds of
Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

Permanent Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

Permanent Non-Penetrating Railing

Permanent non-penetrating guardrail works great for long-term protection on your roof. Wherever frequent traffic or work is being done near a fall hazard, having a permanent guardrail is ideal. Set up your guardrail once and forget about it.

Though it is typically a weighted base design and can technically be moved if need be, the guardrail is engineered to sit in one place indefinitely. Using a heavy weight in a cantilever configuration helps distribute the weight evenly on your roof while exceeding OSHA regulations.

Explore Permanent Guardrail Options

Temporary Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

Temporary Non-Penetrating Railing

When you have a construction job coming up and need to protect yourself from a fall hazard, temporary non-penetrating guardrails may be your best option. These systems are designed for quick and easy setup, with the ability to tear down and store for later use.

Temporary non-penetrating guardrails are designed with modularity and convenience in mind. Whether it be a pre-built upright post that clamps onto the cement slab or parapet wall or smaller weights bases with sections of railing, these will be portable for moving from job site to job site.

Explore Temporary Guardrail Options

Permanent Non-Penetrating
Guardrail Options

When it comes to your safety, providing the best and highest quality guardrail solution is our top priority. That is why we only offer the KeeGuard Rooftop Railing System, which is backed by decades of tested and engineered success.

KeeGuard Roof Railing System is a weighted base designed guardrail that beats out any of its competitors in longevity and strength. Using recycled PVC weights for the bases, these will not penetrate your roof and keep it safe from scratches or tears. The bases come in two simple designs: counterbalance and post weight.

KeeGuard Counterbalance Base

Permanent Non-Penetrating Railing Weighted Base

By far our more common configuration, the counterbalance base acts as a cantilever for the guardrail. This allows the use of lighter weights and the spreads out the point load on the roof caused by the guardrail system.

KeeGuard Post Weight Base

Permanent Non-Penetrating Railing Post Weight Base

Using a smaller surface area, the post weight base allows for more maneuverability around restricted obstacles. Because of the post weight’s reduced footprint, these weights are heavier than their counterpart.

Temporary Non-Penetrating Guardrail Options

Guardrails will always be safer than other forms of fall protection like fall arrest and restraint devices. That is why we offer easy and convenient temporary non-penetrating guardrail options. You need to stay safe, but you also need to get your job done.

Depending on your scenario, you may be able to use anything from the C-Slab Grabber, Parapet Clamp, or even the Guardian G-Rail system. Each unique in what they offer will ultimately give you the safety of a guardrail and the ease of taking it with you when you leave.

Need Help Selecting a Non-Penetrating Railing?

Our experienced staff can help configure a fall protection system that help you comply with OSHA requirements and keep people safe who are working at height.

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