Manufacturing fall safety

Fall Safety Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Maintain OSHA Compliance in Your Facility
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Keep Your Employees Protected

Reorganizing your facility and production process can introduce new hazards while compromising your safety plan and OSHA compliance. Along with moving equipment around, getting employees trained for their new task, and managing business endeavors, safety regulations are a major priority to keep the facility operational. Some key considerations to take into account include:

  • Update Your Safety Plan to Ensure Compliance
  • Provide Any Additional Safety Equipment Required
  • Train Employees to Properly Use Safety Systems
  • Different jobs in different work areas will require unique sets of safety equipment. Simplified Safety will help to identify new safety hazards in your facility and determine the most effective solution to keep workers safe and maintain OSHA compliance.

    Manufacturing plant safety

    Mobile Safety Platforms to Move Around Your Facility

    Mobile platforms are an easy way to enable access to multiple areas in your manufacturing facility with one solution. Customized platforms are built with adaptability in mind, meaning you can adjust your platform as the workplace changes. With durable components and no welding required, these platforms offer a long-lasting solution that meet and exceed local and national regulations.

    Rolling Platforms for manufacturers

    When it Comes to Installation,
    You've Got Options

    Self install

    Self Install

    Our systems are simple. They’re easy to install with your own team without any headache or hardship. We’ll provide some instructions and the right parts for your installation.



    Want some expert oversight? Our team can virtually supervise part or all of the installation, or conduct a certified inspection; ensuring your safety solution is installed properly.

    Turn-Key Solutions

    Turn Key Installation

    We can come to your workplace and install your system for you. Our team of installers have years of experience and can ensure your system is up to the task.

    I had a problem and Simplified Safety had the solution. They provided fast service and carry a wide selection of products to assist you in correcting any problems you may have. In this case we went with their self-closing pallet gate. Great product and my guys love it. Thanks Simplified Safety.

    Jared S.

    Plant Manager

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